The Doppelganger

The Doppelganger

FHM: How did you arrive at the idea of becoming a one-man army?

Dualist: I think it was just a product of the situation that I was in. Initially, I did consider making this a band, but I didn’t know any musicians over here and it would have taken me too long to get the project off the ground. Additionally, I also realised that if I was playing with a band, I’d be somewhat limited in the styles and genres of music I could produce. I didn’t want there to be any limitations on what a band can and can’t play, so that was the point when I decided it’s just going to be me.

FHM: You appear to be calm, composed and pretty focussed at a fairly young age... How do you manage that?

Dualist: I don’t really know. Ever since I started playing as Dualist Inquiry at the age of 23, I’ve been a full-time musician with no other pre-occupations. As such, I think I was quite ready to take on whatever came my way. Things have gotten quite crazy and intense over the last few years, and I admit that sometimes the attention and pressure to deliver can get a tad overwhelming. However, I just try to stay focused on one thing only, which is to try and make the best music I can.

FHM: At a time when people are concentrating more on acing their techniques on their music software, how did you think of using a shred guitar?

Dualist: Using the guitar never struck me as an idea per se. It felt like the most obvious thing to do since I knew how to produce electronic music and also knew how to play the guitar. I just combined everything that I knew in one package and Dualist Inquiry is the result of that.  

FHM: Since the combination of electronic beats and guitar does not fall into a particular genre, what genre would you like to tag your music as?

Dualist: There is no genre that I would like to tag my music under. I do not think about genres or styles while making music, and most often it’ll be others’ feedback that will tell me what genre my music actually belongs to.

FHM: Your new album is called Doppelganger. Any particular reason you choose this name?

Dualist: I chose the name Doppelganger because it’s highly interpretive and can be seen from several different perspectives. I like to leave the specific meaning somewhat open so that listeners might form their own relationship and meaning of the word.

FHM: What was life like in California, musically?

Dualist: California was perhaps the best music breeding ground I could have asked for. As a college student, I and my friends used to go to concerts and raves every weekend, and looking back, I now realise how important those experiences were in creating my sound. Spending a lot of time listening to a variety of electronic music showed me that genres are, in fact, not important, and watching a lot of bands inspired me to play the guitar live.

FHM: Where does Dualist Inquiry get his inspiration from?

Dualist: From anything and everything. Everything I see, hear taste, experience and feel has a role to play in the music that I make. I think it’s really important to constantly be open to ideas and inspiration, and living life like this is the only way for me to continue to grow as an artist.    

FHM: How has the transition been from being a member of a rock band back in the days to being an EDM one-man outfit?

Dualist: It’s been a smooth transition since it was fuelled by my natural growth from a teenager into my twenties. I did have to learn a lot along the way, but that’s something I never intend to stop doing.

FHM: Which is your favourite single from your new album?

Dualist: I don’t have a favourite in the album and that was something I tried really hard to achieve. The aim was to have 9 songs that are all strong pieces of music in their own right, and I hope I have managed to achieve that.

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