Harmony Entwined: Sachet & Parampara

Harmony Entwined: Sachet & Parampara

With earthy tones, meaningful lyrics, and haunting melodies, this latest dynamic duo of the Indian music industry has rocked to fame by riding the wave of desi nostalgia that Bollywood is going through. Even though their creations are all new and unique, they still carry a flavour of rustic, yet simpler times when romance and courtship had a different language. We are talking about Sachet and Parampara, who were initially rivals on the reality show The Voice India, but are now working together to wow us all. Edited excerpts follow.

Tell us how you started your musical journey. What was the moment that gave you the confidence to pursue it in a professional capacity?
The journey has been quite interesting. I think the responsibilities are building up and we want to live up to the expectations of our audience, 
so we keep getting their love. It feels great when you are finally in front of the audience and they react positively to your original composition. It is the best feeling; though we thought we would reach here sometime, it came so suddenly. I feel when you don’t pay too much attention to these things, they tend to work themselves out at the right time. Also, delivering the best melodies is important and we are trying our best to bring good melodies to our fans.

You were the breakout stars from the first season of The Voice India. How did it feel to face off against each other in the competition; does that experience inform your partnership today, in any way?
Yes. All reality shows help you in some way or the other. It really doesn’t matter who wins. It’s one title. Only one person can win. What is important; is what you learn from your journey, the people you meet, and how you make use of those learning’s. We both formed this duo called Sachet-Parampara in late 2016, as we complement each other well. We both are big critiques of each other. We keep working on ideas until we both feel confident enough with the result to deliver it to the world.

There was a healthy gap of time, between the end of the competition and the formation of your duo, as well as from that moment to your first mainstream hit in Toilet: Ek Prem Katha. What challenges did you face starting out as a singer-composer duo, if any?
Yes. After the end of the competition in 2015, we took our time to decide what should be done next. The most challenging part was to ask ourselves, what kind of music do we want to come up with that will make a strong mark on the Bollywood music industry. Thankfully, our work was appreciated. We started on our first film Toilet-Ek Prem Katha in 2016, which got released in 2017. That was followed by Bhoomi, Yamla Pagla Deewana Part-III, and Batti Gul Meter Chalu; and then Kabir Singh happened. Post these, we still had Pal Pal Dil Ke Paas as well to work on. So, it has been a constant hustle.

Tell us something about your process and approach, in regards to creating music. Is it something that you do together, or does each person have their strengths and responsibilities? 
There is nothing fixed in our approach, honestly. Music comes to us naturally. Sometimes we try and sit down to crack a melody. It may come, it may not. Sometimes we’re travelling and suddenly a tune comes into our head. In a way, it is a very natural process. Creation is the best feeling for us. It’s our baby. Whenever we create something we keep enhancing it here and there until it’s out in the world, in the hands of the audience.

You are one of the rare male-female music duos in the industry. How does that affect the dynamic when it comes to creating music, as well as making business decisions?
We are just two individuals working together. We both have our opinions but luckily most of the times we’re on the same page. When we aren’t, it always helps to get more opinions and feedback on the song or any of our creative decisions.
Being open and respectful of each other’s opinions and thoughts are important to both of us. We both love composing. Singing is an equally euphoric experience for us. We both have been trained in music for many years; that too in different genres. So combining those and making a song is a great feeling. A lot of hard work goes into making a song. After that, whatever happens, is up to the audience.

One of the main reasons behind the success of Kabir Singh was the music. How did you go about creating that experience? Did you ever imagine Bekhayali would become such an instant hit?
We were surprised to see the response right after the trailer release. We saw thousands of covers by other singers hitting YouTube. We think it became a rage because of many reasons. The composition, lyrics, singing, emotions, all were right on point. They all fell into place at the same time. Then the coverage on social media helped Bekhayali spread like fire. It is an overwhelming feeling for us. If you make songs according to the script and narration, you tend to understand the characters and their emotions better. So, situations in the film help us create the right melodies and the correct sound for a song. When it comes together with the 
actors on screen, it leaves a greater impact.

Bollywood seems to have moved from remixing old songs, to remaking them entirely. What is your take on this trend? With the younger generation getting exposed to only the new versions, are the original classics in fear of being forgotten with time?
People want to dance to old melodies, but with new music behind it. Some remakes are working well with the audience. When we go to clubs, and other public places, people are dancing to the new tunes, as they are more suitable for a party atmosphere, compared to the originals. But at the same time, they also love the original compositions that new music directors are coming up with. It all depends on what’

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