India's Bass King: Nucleya

India's Bass King: Nucleya

FHM: How did you settle for the moniker Nucleya?  
Nucleya: Honestly, there is no logic behind the name. It was my email password for a very long time and for no reason I picked it as my stage name. 

FHM: How do you define your genre of music? 
Nucleya: I don’t know which particular genre my music falls into, but I’m told it’s called “global bass”. Personally, I don’t really care so much, as long as there are two ingredients in my music — Indian vibes and heavy bass.  

FHM: How is making dubstep different from making other genres of dance music?  
Nucleya: Every genre requires specialisation and a deep understanding to be able to produce something good. Dubstep falls under bass heavy music style and hence, special attention is given to designing the bass since it’s the main element. My process of making music is usually designing the main melody of the song and its chords and there on, once I have that sorted, I design the electronics.

FHM: You’ve infused samples from Tamil movies and Bollywood into your music frequently... What got you into doing this? 
Nucleya: I like South Indian music a lot and I feel it has the potential to go global. The reason why I play with these samples is because South Indian street music is very danceable. Apart from the music, I also love their films, food, culture and almost everything else, and that’s what got me into using these samples. 

FHM: You have had a banging year last year, so what plans for this year? Any new EPs in the pipeline? 
Nucleya: Yes, we are almost on the final stage of the Koocha Monster Remix EP, which comes out soon. After that, I have a single release of a track recorded with Benny Dayal. This is again a Tamil track with some serious electro infused vibes.

FHM: Do you see yourself experimenting with other genres of EDM? 
Nucleya: I like working with stuff that excites me and gets me dancing. At the moment, my whole attention is on folk music. Once I’m through with it, I will move to another genre. I’m looking forward to incorporating a 4/4 track into my production soon. 

FHM: Last year India witnessed an outburst of EDM festivals — what according to you is the driving force behind the success of these festivals? 
Nucleya: I’m sure these festivals will get bigger and better in the coming years. According to me, these festivals have been a huge success as the organisers have managed to educate the audience about EDM. Secondly, there is huge support from homegrown talent who are doing a fantastic job at creating awareness. And thirdly, the media and the Internet have together become a great force in creating traction.

FHM: Name some artists who have inspired you… 
Nucleya: Skrillex has definitely inspired me. Other than that I love the stuff Burial, Diplo and Mode Selektor make.

FHM: What instruments do you use for making music and while DJing? 
Nucleya: I make/mix music using a simple setup. I make music on a MacBook Pro and a very small keyboard. I sample kid’s toys sometimes for my music as well. For mixing, I use Traktor and a launch pad by Novation. When I’m sharing a stage with some other artist, then I work LIVE. 

FHM: One festival where you would love to perform and why? 
Nucleya: Honestly, I don’t know much about international festivals, but it’s always fun when I’m playing in front of an open minded and energetic audience.

FHM: Is bass the next big thing in India?
Nucleya: I don’t know, perhaps. 

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