Mock On Air

Mock On Air

Jose Covaco whose doppelganger is known as HoeZay!

You’ve studied Physics. How has that contributed to your mental growth?
Yes! I’ve studied Physics. That is because my parents wanted me to do so. I never paid attention anyway, so I wasn’t REALLY learning physics. I was just around other people who were (learning Physics). I don’t know about Physics per se, but outside of counting numbers, my education hasn’t contributed to my life much.

How is juggling between television and radio treating you?
It’s not that hard really, juggling between radio and television. I make sure I stick to a strict schedule (eating, sleeping on time etc), so that I can concentrate on the main thing in life – Twitter.

So what urges you to rip people apart? 
Some people deserve it, and Twitter has given everyone the ability to do this now. But I don’t rip people apart man. I’m old school like that. I prefer the term “make fun of”. There are some boundaries I won’t cross though. Everyone knows that I sometimes help old ladies cross the street, even if they don’t want to. I really do, trust me!

While spoofing on air, where do you draw the line? 
While spoofing anything on the air, the line is very clear. We have rules to go by, which are given to us by the Government. But more than anything else, if you’re being a good human being there’s no need to draw lines etc. 

Girls dig celebs, and since you are almost one, we are sure they do harass you. What part of girls harassing you don’t you like?
Ha! You can’t have NO talent and be a celeb. If I said girls almost never harass me, that would be a lie, because they never harass me. The only bit I would hate in a situation like that would be if a girl follows me home cos well, my house is a mess.

Since you are pretty active on Twitter, whose handles do you troll the most?
I don’t intentionally troll anyone because I know what it’s like to be trolled. I’ve had some funny encounters and then the harsh reality hit me. My neighbours have caught me howling at the top of my voice at this troll — it was indeed an awkward situation as they thought I had gone bonkers. I’ve realised that it’s not worth arguing with a troll. Spread happiness not hate. Trolling affected me so much, that I’ve discussed it in detail on our podcast KaanMasti.


Danish Sait a.k.a Nagraj, Saleem or John

Were you born sarcastic or accidentally discovered this side of you?
I was born to sarcasm, because my birth certificate said mule child instead of a male child. 

How well does your sarcasm go with your girlfriends? Do they ever beat you up?
This one is difficult to answer, but I think women don’t get sarcasm at all and eventually, I do get beaten up by girls.

How do you manage to change your voice and get into a new personality for every call? Where did you pick up this skill from?
Since childhood, I have had the knack to pick on and improvise with people, and since I went to boarding school I honed my skills at imitating people. There’s not much of a difference from now and then. I am still doing the same thing but on a larger scale.

How do you manage to keep your cool in situations where the caller starts erratically abusing you?
I have learned to leave my ego behind when I am on air. And I guess that comes with any job. But my alter ego does feel bad for me at times.

Why do pranks work?
Pranks work as everyone wants to laugh at one other’s expense. Pranks are the comic release of this society.

Pranks have become quite standard on the radio? How do you feel when everyone is trying to do the same thing at the same time?
I am sorry to say but the reality about radio as a medium is that you can’t do anymore on the radio. Hence, to stimulate the user’s attention, we are hired. People are hired for TV owing to their visual appearance and on radio, it is only the voice you have. RJs have the skill to hold the person’s attention and that is harder than acting on the silver screen, as there are no retakes.


RJ Nitin a.k.a Khurafati Nitin

Where do you get your dose of ‘khurafat’ from?
LOL! I get my daily dose of khurafat from my family. To tell you the truth, I’m not a prankster at home. My mom, dad and brother constantly keep pulling my leg for something or the other, so I get all my inspiration from them.

How do you manage to change your voice and elope into a new personality on every call?
That is where my years of training in theatre comes in. I’ve acted in and directed a lot of theatrical productions, so I just put on my ‘Actor Cap’.

Don’t you feel that radio is all about spoofs these days?
Yes, unfortunately, that is the sad part. What I started years back has now become ubiquitous to the essence of most radio channels these days. Hence, I have put my foot down on this aspect and as a mandate, my spoofs are merely 3-4 minutes of the total airtime of my shows and I take up human interest topics for the major part. Radio is a beautiful medium and so my show has now become a podium for the common man to raise concerns and issues.

Do you get hate calls after spoofing so many people?
No. We never play a prank on air without the permission of the person the prank is being played on. Our pranks are pre-recorded and we keep things like the person’s health and sensitivities in mind. On the contrary, people I play pranks on enjoying it and in the end when I reveal it’s me and they’re on Fever 104 FM, we both are in splits and they always thank me because they had fun too.

How do you manage to keep your cool in situations where the caller starts erratically abusing you?
You see, that’s why my prank calls are different. The idea is to have fun with the person who the prank is being played upon, and not at their cost. So no, they don’t get irate. In fact, they enjoy the prank and are usually rolling with laughter themselves. 

We hear you wanted to be a villain and not an RJ... Do you have any regrets about the fact that you didn’t?
Regrets? Not at all!  That is work in progress, and Inshallah, you shall see me on the screen soon.

Which Twitter accounts do you like to troll the most?
Sonam Kapoor, Nigella Lawson, Abhishek Bachchan, Sonakshi Sinha and OMG Facts.


RJ Raunac A.k.a Bauua

How does it feel to be paid to rip people apart?                             

That’s not how I would put it. I am not someone who doesn’t allow others to speak. I just call people randomly, press any number on the dialer pad and ask them some funny questions. In return, sometimes they rip me too. 

Every radio channel does spoof shows, what makes your show different? 
Ever since the advent of FM radio stations, spoofs have been an integral part of radio content. We get requests on the studio hotline and SMS number’s on a daily basis, all this is proof that people love such content. And as long as our listeners keep enjoying, I am okay with it. A harmless prank that brings a smile to lakhs of people who have tuned in is always welcome.

Since you are a fun-loving person, would you mind sharing your definition of fun?
Fun is a very perception based thing and it differs from person to person. Some may go head over heels on a very stupid thing, some may not even pass a smile on a brilliant concept. As far as I am concerned, I don’t find everything and everyone funny, but I think I can derive fun even from an unfunny person and make situations funny.

Are you able to pull off every spoof without attracting trouble for yourself?
 Spoofs, prank calls etc are not done to anger people or offend them. It’s done in a manner that people enjoy along with us. People usually give their consent to play the prank on-air after it has been recorded. A few who don’t, we don’t put them on. Many times, it happens that when Bauaa, the character I become while doing a prank call, calls up people, they laugh and sing along with the character. I always appreciate the effort!



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