Reviving The Vintage: Sanam Puri

Reviving The Vintage: Sanam Puri

FHM: Your song Dhat Teri Ki worked even though the film didn’t – feels good or bad?  

SP: I feel normal. I’m happy that DTK did well, but there are things that we can’t control, so it’s good to move on and keep working.

FHM: Whose call is more annoying when you are out late at night – dad’s or girlfriend’s?

SP: Hahahaha! First things first, I don’t party a lot, I don’t get annoyed easily, and I take everyone’s call whenever I can. But if I was a bigda hua kid, then I think both would be annoying. 

FHM: Starting your filmy career with Dharma Productions has given you leverage over other singers who start out with lesser known production houses… 

SP: More than the production house, it’s the song that helps the singer, but to take it further the movie has to be really good. There are many songs that don’t fall under big production houses, but they did well because the movie and the song were really good.

FHM: Are you all set to rule the charts with Ishq Bulaava?

SP: I hope it does well because I fell in love with the composition immediately.

FHM: You moved to Mumbai in 2009, what were you doing before that?  

SP: I was in a band called Bandish for a year in Delhi, but I felt the music scene in Delhi was very limited and there was a lot that more that I wanted to do, so I moved to Mumbai.

FHM: Tell us about your band?
SP: SQS Project is three-year-old, five member band with me, my brother Samar Puri, Kehsva Dhanraj (drummer) and Venkat Subramaniyam (bassist). We released an album with Times Music three years back and have music videos that aired on 17 channels. Our most popular song is Teri Aankhon Se.

FHM: Were you nervous the first time you entered a studio?  

SP: There is so much to do in a recording studio that there is no time to get nervous.

FHM: Which songs do you think you could have sung better than their original  singers?
SP: There are many songs like that, but it’s difficult to name them.

FHM: What songs are you recording currently?  

SP: I’m working on several songs, but mostly I’m recording with my band SQS Project. There’s lots of new stuff coming soon.

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