Saas taking over: Sukhe

Saas taking over: Sukhe

Sukhdeep Singh Dayal aka Sukhe, the Jaguar star talks of his journey from an underground music director to a loved singer!

How has your music making evolved since you started?

I keep trying to do something different with it. For instance, before Koka, I need ya was a total R&B song, like 75 in tempo and Koka is a really fast song. So I always get a feeling of experimenting and taking leaps in my music. Because if you keep repeating the same thing on loop, people tend to stop expecting anything new from you. If you want to hold their interest, keep experimenting and doing something different.

What do you think about the trend of remixes taking over the industry?
See, music is like, you can keep making it as much as you want to, it is never ending. If you are making remixes, and on the other hand fresh tracks are also being launched in the industry, then it gets balanced out. I think diving into remixes or remaking a music is a challenge in itself. You mix and freshen up a song and people compare your remix with the original one. That’s a lot of competition and if you are good with making remixes, people admire you and it’s a good thing to experiment and recreate music.

What is your take on underground rappers?
I myself started as an underground music director. I was in Chandigarh. I went to Chandigarh for studies and I realised there underground culture was massive. I used to make beats for some of the underground groups. There used to be some of the prominent underground artists I created music for. Right now also, Divine and other underground artists are my friends, they have been so. Now through this culture, core hip hop is finally being promoted through these artists. Also, these rappers are coming with their own labels and youtube channels, they aren’t dependent on any label anymore. That is something satisfying to see, pleasant to see. I think in the next two-three years, underground rappers will make and promote their own music openly and normally, expecting a good response.

Behind the mic, in studios or on stage, performing?
I think I’ll go for the stage shows, the reason being stage shows would only work if the songs I make in studio turn out to be a hit. Indirectly, it’s about the song being a buzz, then obviously I’ll opt for shows and perform well. Anyway, when you perform, you interact with your audience, all the efforts, hard work you’ve put is rewarded there. Whereas in studio, when you are making music, you are in your space mainly. You prepare for the exam in studios and finally attempt the exam in form of shows, stage is where you get the results

One of the recent hits, I need ya has been a hit. Is there anyone you adore at the moment, a love interest or a potential one, to whom you’d sing it for?
See, people who usually make songs, it isn’t necessary the songs are relatable to us or we are experiencing a similar phase or situation in life. It is ultimately extracted and inspired from people around, what a writer sees and observes is what he writes. We just urbanise it and then present it all. But if I talk about my life, I wouldn’t connect the song with it. There is no connection and I am very attached to my work right now, I am committed to my career. I am focusing on it.

Any upcoming projects or any plans to go international with Muzical Doctorz?
Yes. I mean my priority is to achieve something significant. I want to go International, of course. It is not because of money though, money is something definite, it is something which takes it course on the sidelines. But my focus remains to go international and I am also working on a lot of Bollywood projects right now, I cannot disclose them right now as they aren’t finalised yet and I don’t have that kind of authority at the moment. But yeah, this year I am going to deliver a lot of Bollywood projects as well as one or maybe two international projects, for sure.

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