Soaring The Higher Note: Aastha Gill

Soaring The Higher Note: Aastha Gill

After completing her graduation in Journalism and Mass Communication, she gained her work experience at an advertising organisation and also a news channel. Aastha Gill’s experience of turning into a well-known vocalist from a regular office-goer is nothing but conventional. However, her musical journey had begun in her childhood. In her initial days, she learnt piano and attended vocal-classes. Her father had been her first mentor and guide to the melodious expedition. The voice behind hits such as Buzz, which garnered more than 205 million views on YouTube, recently released a second single, Saara India. This song also racked up over 30 million views. Blessed with mesmerising vocals, her songs have now become the soul of every party. DJ Waley Babu along with mentor Badshah and different numbers, namely, Abhi Toh Party Shuru Hui Hai from Khoobsurat, Proper Patola from Namaste England, and many more are the testimony of her brilliance. Aastha is touching heights with a large fan base, which clearly shows there is no way but up for the singer.

Beginning from the inception, how did music happen to you? You chose music or music chose you?
I chose it definitely and then it chose me too. I think it was quite mutual. I was into advertising when one day I got a call from Badshah to record a song. As I was always interested in music, I grabbed the opportunity and since then there has been no looking back.

Your first musical venture for Bollywood, Abhi Toh Party Shuru Hui Hai blew the trumpet well for your upcoming chartbusters, but you got the fame after your collaboration with Badshah in the single DJ Waley Babu. How had the journey been in between?
The journey till now has been amazing. I couldn’t have asked for more.

Moving on, DJ Waley Babu became the party anthem of that year. While recording, did you foresee this kind of success?
Honestly speaking, no. But frankly, at the time, any single that came out in the music industry that Badshah touched turned out to be gold. The scenarios have not changed even today. I guess I trusted his instinct more than mine.

A lot of your singles before Saara India have been with Badshah. What differences did you find working without him?
Yes, Saara India was a different venture, almost like I was standing on my own feet. His blessings were there so I knew I was going in the right direction.

Your track Saara India was the inspiration behind the Tik Tok World Cup Anthem, Jeetega Saara India. What do you think made it the tune of the anthem?
When I was offered the song, I knew it is going to be huge because of its beats. Tik tokers love the original song and so when I was approached to work on the World Cup anthem, I was happy to make another version of it.

This track seems fun and energetic. How was the experience for you in the recording studio?
Thanks a lot. It was equally amazing experience for me and working with Priyank Sharma for the second time was great too.

The trend of recreating vintage music has led to criticisms and views that the Indian music industry is falling short of creativity. What is your take on this?
There is always good and bad thing being spoken or felt about everything. I feel if people like it then why not. I always love to entrhall the audience with both types of music.

With its tunes and lyrics, your debut single Buzz has already created a lot of buzz in the hearts of almost all the men and women across the nation. What do you think would be that one factor in a man that would create a buzz in you?
Of course, all of that every girl asks for in a man but being funny and foodie is a must for me.

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