The Soothing Sound of the Sexy Sax

The saga of the saxophone is best translated by taking a look at its inventor Adolphe Sax. The saxophone is acknowledged as a single-reed musical instrument that is a staple in jazz brands.


I personally love the sound of a saxophone, it has an incredible tone. I believe a soothing sound depends more on the musician than the instrument.


A saxophone (sax) is a single reed, woodwind instrument, first developed in the mid-1800s by Adolphe Sax. It is composed of a mouthpiece, conical metal tube, and finger keys. Sound is created when air is blown through the instrument inducing the reed to vibrate. This sound is augmented as it travels through the instrument's main body. Saxophones consist of several parts and pieces which are made one by one and then tacked together.



The Middle Ages actually gave us a range of new instruments and steadily the basics of the modern military band were assembled together. The development of these bands was encouraged by all the French kings from Louis XIII on, and by the Revolution they were totally organised and flourishing throughout the Empire.

It was not until 1814 that new instrument creations began to emerge again, and it was in that same year, on November 6th, that a child was born in Dinant-Sur-Meuse, Belgium, whose name was destined to be heard around the world.


Even in his adolescence, Antoine (later to be known as Adolphe) Joseph Sax became well known by his amazing creations. He exhibited great musical ability, and his father, Joseph Sax, who was a celebrated wind instrument maker, took great pains to support both his musical and his creative mastermind.


Coming from the house of woodwind instruments, the saxophone has become an integral part of many Bollywood compositions lately. 

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