The Soulful Singer: Shilpa Rao

The Soulful Singer: Shilpa Rao

FHM: We would have never bothered to watch Anwar had it not been for your song Javeda Zindagi – does that flatter you? 

SR: I was so happy and honoured to be a part of Anwar. Music is the essence of a film and Tose Naina does exactly that.

FHM: Do you have any idols?

SR: My idol is Hariharan Uncle. He taught me everything and he’s the reason I’m a musician. Each day I strive to be the kind of musician and person.

FHM: If there is one thing you could rewrite about a singer’s destiny, what would that be?

SR: I wish that singers would have a better environment to release independent music. 

FHM: How has Malang made your personal and professional life better? 

SR: Malang has boosted my morale as a singer by adding a new dimension to my career. Professionally, the comments I’ve gotten from colleagues and fans just makes it even better.

FHM: Can you tell us about the sweet and the ugly side of being a singer?

SR: Sweet is the response of people when they hear your song and I don’t think there’s any ugly side after that.

FHM: Which song was tougher to sing between Manmarziyan of Lootera and Malang of Dhoom?

SR: Malang, I would say. It’s a newer me and I feel thrilled that the song has made an impact on listeners.

FHM: If you could make an album without caring about its financial success or failure, what would that album be like??

SR: I will keep it simple. Less is more and that’s how my album would turn out.
FHM: Does your mood affect the tone of the song?

SR: Usually, I forget my mood when I’m singing. I’m cut off from the world and what happened with me before I had started my recording. The song overpowers me and I become the song. 

FHM: Which music composers would you like to sing for, and why?

SR: Vishal Bharadwaj, for sure. I love and adore his work and I hope so sing for him soon.

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