Trip-hop Music Duo

Trip-hop Music Duo

These college friends shared the same penchant and passion for music, which got them together. Here they are talking to us:

FHM: How did Rahul and you get together to form Sulk Station? 
Tanvi: It started with a jam at a friend’s place. We liked what came out of it and managed to come up with a couple of songs over subsequent jams/emails etc after that. In early 2009, we got together to open for Mouse on Mars (Germany) and I guess that was the beginning. 

FHM: How long has it been for Sulk Station? 
Tanvi: We started making music 3 years ago, but it was only in 2011 that we actually started gigging and well, acting like we were a band.

FHM: You like to call your music ‘Mellow Drama’ – what is the classification of this genre and how did you guys end up pertaining to it? 
Rahul: “Mellow dramatic pop” actually has nothing to do with genres. It’s just a tag I came up with (obviously a play on melodramatic pop) because I was sick and tired of describing our music within the context of existing genres like trip-hop, post-dubstep etc. This name made some sense for us cos’ our music was mellow and dramatic and had pop sensibilities in terms of songwriting. Having said that, our music is broadly downtempo/electronic and is influenced by contemporary electronic genres like trip-hop/post-dubstep and traces of Hindustani music.

FHM: What inspired you to become a singer? 
Tanvi: Well, I just really love music, and used to be a part of many choirs. Though I didn’t really think of myself as a singer until I met Rahul and he channelised my singing. Even now I can only sing to his stuff. 

FHM: How did you get to the name Sulk station? 
Rahul: Tanvi sulks a lot. It’s her weapon of mass destruction and the band was named after her.

FHM: Where does Sulk Station take inspiration from? 

Tanvi: Our individual lives and the time we spend together listening to music, talking about life… All that just comes out in songs.

Rahul: Youtube/Vimeo/Internet and whatever Tanvi said. 

FHM: Your first album is out and has already received appreciation, so what’s next for Sulk Station? 
Tanvi: We are sitting on some new songs, but we still have to decide when and how to release them.

FHM: Your favourite bands – Indian and International? 

Tanvi: I love Fiona Apple, James Blake and Radiohead. In Indian bands, I like Lounge Piranha. 

Rahul: Machinedrum, Ital Tek, Radiohead, Four Tet, Maths Time Joy, Arvo Part, James Blake, Lorn, Mount Kimbie and in India, Lounge Piranha. 

FHM: The Indian music industry is going through drastic changes in terms of the quality of music. You think EDM is changing the way music in India is being produced? 
Rahul: We don’t follow the EDM scene, so it’s hard to say. There are obviously more club-oriented bands/producers/events coming up. Personally, for me, there’s a lot more interesting stuff happening outside the EDM scene, especially in terms of production and electronic music. I think acts like Snowshoe, Sandunes, Mode7, Frame/Frame, Paralight (all electronic music producers, but not EDM) represent a more interesting and new facet of the electronic music scene.

FHM: Why has EDM, according to you, received worldwide acceptance? 
Rahul: No idea. A lot of people attribute it to the rise of Deadmau5, Skrillex, SHM and the likes. Along with the music, I think EDM as a live experience plays a big role. The EDM bigwigs fill up massive venues, productions are over the top and very similar to arena rock, and people love it.

FHM: What has been Sulk Station’s biggest compliment till date? 

Tanvi: We haven’t gotten any life-changing compliments, but there has been so much love and warmth in general. 

FHM: Which artists would Sulk Station like to work with? 
Tanvi: Anybody who’d like to work with us. We are easy like that.

FHM: Recommendations for those trying to make a mark in the indie music scene… 
Tanvi: Make music, not a mark.

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