We all have enjoyed Metal from time to time, although most of us can’t recognise it from its lighter, more famous cousin, Rock. But, the hardcore musical genre is set to return and, looks like it is all ready to make our heads bob. So it’s time to throw away the devil horns and listen to it on loud.



In the early 90’s, before boy bands like Backstreet Boys and N-Sync came and took over the billboard top tens, there were two genres which were ruling the air waves: Rock and Metal. Rock stars partied gloriously, got most of the girls and were featured on MTV. While, it's lesser known cousin got infamous for violent fans, mosh pits and really loud music.


Even its sub-genres of metal have ominous names like Doom, Death, Thrash etc. And, then there were bands like Manowar who proudly took the microphone and screamed, “If you are not into metal you are not my friend.” This all made the younger fans look at metal in a negative light. What most forgot was that one of the most famous bands in the world, ‘U2’ is a metal band.



As the decade wound down and the 2000’s began, only a handful of well-known bands like Slayer, Korn and Rammstein survived the transition. Fans even forgot about the high budget productions Iron Maiden put into their concert. The only place we could hear metal in pop culture was in the WWE, where wrestler Triple H came out to Motorhead’s – The King of Kings, The Game and Line in the Sand.


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