The Wedding Rapper: MC Sid

The Wedding Rapper: MC Sid

FHM is not really the marriage kinds, you will hardly notice us writing about marriages, but there are certain things that make getting married really cool. The first thing is obviously loads of alcohol, second are the naughty girls and third is the music. Since there is never a dearth of naughty girls and booze in this magazine, this time we found someone who does wedding music with a cool tweak. 

Going by the name Mc Sid (yep, like Mc Hammer, only minus the banana pants), Siddhartha Sood is what you can call a wedding rapper. He shows up at weddings (invited and paid for of course and breaks out into a rap).  “I do instant rap. I pick on the relatives, the various situations that arise during marriages and mince words accordingly.”

While we got the hang of what he does, we were unsure if someone would like to hire his services considering our lack of humour reaches feverish heights around weddings and he laughs and nods. “But even the popular orchestra has given way to Bollywood singers, star power and the good old giddha and bhangra at Ladies Sangeet has now turned into fully orchestrated staged performances. People are looking for fun at the wedding, and that’s what I infuse. When I use the guests as my inspiration, its not something that pisses them off. I tell pretty women how pretty they are looking, and make everyone notice them. I make stars out of them.”

Plus, Yo Yo Honey Singh has made rap quite popular, so he doesn’t need to tell people what rap really is. But, what about permanent sourpusses? Every marriage party has some of those. “I was once performing in Ludhiana and I referred to this old man as Dev Anand, he felt offended and blasted me. While I thought being called Dev Anand is a compliment. When he sobered down, he called me and asked me why I didn’t call him Brad Pitt.”

MC Sid has performed at a lot of big-ticket weddings all over India and abroad, including destination weddings at Goa, Bombay, Delhi, Agra, Madrid, Bangkok, Colombo, Hong Kong etc.

What helps him perform? A boozed out audience of course. “There are hardly any weddings these days where alcohol is not served, if not at the venue then it’s at least served behind closed doors in hotels. A wedding where most of the people are drunk is bliss because they are in a mood of fun and they like it when they get a chance to laugh. It’s easier to mingle with them.”

Sid mixes his lyrics with popular hip hop beats. He also uses Punjabi breakbeats in his compositions. About his style of rap, Sid says, “By a desi, of a desi, for a desi.” And it doesn’t get any desi-er than the Great Indian Wedding.

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