Arundhati Roy’s Narrow Escape

The controversial author has always had a love hate relationship with the authorities. It seems she has narrowly escaped her complications with the law once again.


In December 2015 Arundhati Roy was handed a criminal contempt notice by the Bombay High Court for protesting the arrest of D.U. Professor G.N. Saibaba. The court pointed out that Roy believed that she was “above the law” and termed her language “nasty”.


The Court at the time observed “Calling the government and police as being ‘afraid’ of the applicant, ‘abductor’ and ‘thief’, and the magistrate from a ‘small town’, demonstrate the surly, rude and boorish attitude of the author in a most tolerant country like India,”


Although Prof. Saibaba’s bail was convicted with five others for their connection with the banned CPI(Maoists) the Supreme Court has put a ‘Stay’ on her contempt proceedings even though she has criticized the govt, the court  and officials.

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