Guess which country topped richest countries list

It’s all about the power of money that rules the world. This time countries with a better standard of living have received a good ranking and obviously, the Arab countries are topping the charts.   


With countries which are developed when compared to other countries which are either developing or underdeveloped, this list of countries consists of top 10 richest countries across the globe as per recent survey of IMF (International Monetary Fund) under the report of World Economic Outlook.


Check your country’s rank here:


10. San Marino- San Marino should be on your wishlist if you are a traveller by heart. This country of Europe lies at tenth position in the list. San Marino has one of most stable and less taxed economy. Ranks fifth under the smallest countries in the world, San Marino is a mountainous microstate around Italy.



9. United Arab Emirates- One of the best tourist destination for all the shopping lovers, UAE is considered to be a liberal gulf country which comprises of Dubai with ultramodern Burj Khalifa and a hub of extravagant shopping centres. UAE lies at the ninth rank in the richest countries list.



8. Norway- Residing at the eighth position, Norway is a beautiful Scandinavian country which is renowned for its liberal society and free culture. Yes, this is the country we all need to visit once in our lifetimes.



7. Ireland- Second largest isles in the chain of British island, Ireland is considered to have the best quality of life and it lies at the seventh rank in the world’s richest countries. Ireland is a tech-based country with new innovations happening now and then. So, if you are a tech freak, do visit this god’s paradise.



6. Kuwait- Another Arab country rich in culture and history, Kuwait lies at the sixth rank. Oil which is an obvious trait of the Gulf, Kuwait is famous for its classic Islamic architecture.



5. Brunei- With an Asian country falling at the upper side of the list with number five, Brunei is a small island known for its beautiful beaches, biodiversity, and lush rainforests. All the trekking lovers, do visit.



4. Singapore- Considered to be a global financial island, Singapore stands at number four. It is another country with rich natural landscape and modern building and architecture.



3. Macao- Chinese administrative state, Macao has earned the name of “Las Vegas of Asia” due to its casino and tourist culture. Macao stands at number three with autonomous stature.



2. Luxembourg- This small European country has rural culture but with some awesome nature parks and fascinating Ardennes forest. This beauty stands at number 2 on the list.



1. Qatar- Stands at the top, this Arab country hits the chart. Famous for its beautiful beaches and dunes, Qatar has a rich economy and ultramodern Islamic architecture.




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