Talking about the "Other": Men Molestation story

It’s pretty common, whenever you’ll hear the words sexual assault, many people will assume that the sufferer is female, but it isn't true always. With furore over molestation cases in the air, stories of men sexual abuse are initiating the dialogue of listening to the stories with other point of view. FHM brings forth an idea to ponder upon.   


Recently, in a news from Puducherry, a male student was sexually harassed by a gang of boys students inside the college campus of Puducherry University. The boy is pursuing first year Master’s degree in Sanskrit from the university. The incident as reported happened on the campus at 11:30 pm while the boy was walking by the Sarvapally Radhakrishnan hostel where he was abducted by a group of four men on bikes. Later, he was taken to a secluded area nearby sports ground of the college. For next few hours, the boy was sexually abused by the gang at the knife-point without any security or night patrolling team’s notice.


This incident has ignited the debate of voicing the “other”. With the #MeToo campaign has got a big voice across the world, such incidents with men usually get unnoticed. But, the main idea is that every gender (whether a female, male, transgender, queer etc) goes through such sexual abuse and harassments. During the debate of women molestation cases getting hype, there are very few fringe voices on men molestation cases.


The Puducherry case victim has got affected by the incident so much that he wants to quit studies. The main idea is about creating an equal voice for all such mishappenings (yeah sort of equality debate). Thus, bringing such voices to the centre rather marginalising them. So the antithesis is that while men who molest women also get molested themselves. Hence, it is the mindset and the behaviour that needs a change rather accusing a specific gender.  

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