All In The Jeans

All In The Jeans

You cannot work it right without your favourite pair of jeans. Denim undoubtedly challenges the confines of age and are a staple fabric in every closet. Did you know, your best friend has a vibrant past? Until the 1950s, jeans were famously known as ‘overalls’ and were commissioned for the working middle class. Today, they have permeated every part of menswear fashion. However, finding the ideal pair might be one of the most tedious tasks. The fit should neither cling to your body too much nor appear saggy in any manner. With a plethora of statement styles changing every season, the denim world has something for each one of us.

“From simple blue shades to distressed/ripped to different colours and washes, we’ve definitely come far. There are so many different types of denim these days that it is hard to keep a track. It is not limited to full length but also shorts and many other designs,” says Divya Rani, Head of Buying and Merchandising, Superdry, India. She also added that the fabric is so diverse that it can be pulled off with any style. We have customised denim, which will soon fill your bucket list.

Evergreen classics
Drop the idea of experimenting and embrace the classic silhouettes. Play it safe with these timeless essentials and never go wrong. The straight cuts are the season’s new favourite as ultra-skinny silhouettes bid a farewell. Despite having a flattering fit, they do not go well with every body type. With ankle length tapered jeans creating a buzz, its contoured waistline gives it the right edginess you need to keep your style on point.

Seasonal comebacks
In the world of denim, old is the new cool. Its charm never fades with time. Fashion is a recurrent cycle, especially when it comes to denim, it follows a ceaseless circle of repetition. The resurgence of denim chore jackets has been spotted as the season’s new trend. As we are ready to enter a new decade, 90s boot-cut jeans make a comeback. You can pair it right with a well-fitted tucked in a t-shirt to enhance the look.

Casual comfort
Baggy jeans paired with an under-defined billowing silhouette shirt or a tee looks perfect for a casual date. Incorporating a pair of sneakers with this look adds on to the finesse of the outfit. Synonymous to comfort, this casual garment works best with travel sceptics. Dynamic stretch jeans are unbeatable when it comes to ease at its best. Gone are the days when denim used to be brittle and rigid. Slide-in these super stretchable jeans and wear it everywhere you go.

High Spirited
If you are a person who expresses their personality through clothing, then the following style is perfect for you. The sassy embroidered denim has already surpassed the ramp and the time has come to welcome this new pair to your wardrobe. Opt for skull motif jackets to bring out your inner punk or go for animal patches to flaunt your wild side. The concoction of floral with denim has taken a hit in the recent season. So let your clothes do the talking for you.

Wardrobe Constants

The ripped trend has been successfully surviving for years now. The cool distressed look is effortlessly one of the easiest to pull off. Just pair it with a slouchy t-shirt and you’ll definitely relive your youth. 

The jogger style jeans is a new player and everyone is obsessing over it. The loose and super comfy denim has become a street-style favourite. You can also pair it with layering to elevate the overall look. If you are the audacious one in your gang, go all denim. Dress up in a “Canadian tuxedo”, an urban terminology for denim on denim. A denim overload has long been considered as a fashion risk, especially after causing the infamous fashion faux pas. Fit and proportion are the two most crucial aspects to consider. 

“As far as styling is concerned, you cannot go wrong with a tone-on-tone look”, says Manu Sharma,  business head, Replay, India. “Try pairing the coordinate in a contrasting pattern (dark with light) because matching the hues can either be super-flashy or would make you look like a chameleon.” Manu also concluded that Selvedge denim is on its way to become the new must-have in the denim world.

From subcultures like punk and hippie to a cowboy from the West, denim has long surpassed every section of the ensemble. Being the most versatile fabric, it can easily be dressed up and down. 

Choose the avatar which fits your personality and set a style statement wherever you go.

Story By: Anshika Seth, an Intern at FHM India Magazine 

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