Can I pull off 90s old school?

Can I pull off 90s old school?

In all fairness, men’s fashion is taking a shift. Undoubtedly, the menswear industry is focusing more on experimenting with designing ensembles that give a personal style statement to a man. Honestly, when done correctly, experimenting with fashion can make you look like an epitome of a fashionable street style icon. Playing with different trends does not mean that you have to abruptly throw on vibrant looking denim or sneakers. If you are new to this realm of fashion, then my friend, elegance is the key that will unlock the door for you. Here are some trending style ideas for men that will definitely not make you look old school. 

Ott Logos Are Cool

Think of those in-your-face logo belts and caps that fill the shops when you’re on your summer hols abroad and just add a cool British edge. Oh, and the bigger the logo, the better.

It’s all about the brands

Many heavyweight labels of the ’90s have made a triumphant comeback in 2015. The likes of Fila, Ellesse, Champion and Umbro are all there, with cool updates of their classic styles.

Ease yourself in

If reppin’ the old school from head to toe is a bit daunting, just add one retro piece to your everyday attire. Swap your skinnies for some Marky Mark-style looser-fitting legwear, your polo shirt for an Ellesse one, or your track top for a towelling Fila version.

Baggy jeans are your friends

When it comes to denim, it’s all about bootcut fit. That’s right, simply add an extra inch or two to the width of your favourite slim-fit selvedge pair.

Old shit just got ‘vintage’

Next time you pay your family a visit, get into the loft, rummage through your old threads and pull out your Ellesse hoodie, Kappa popper trackies and Adidas shell toes and ask why you ever put them away.

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