The colourful rebellion

The colourful rebellion

Spring is around the corner. Days get longer, clothes get lighter, and well, colours become brighter. In all fairness, men’s fashion is taking a shift from blue or black to bold and vibrant patterns or colours. Undoubtedly, the menswear industry is focusing more on experimenting with designing ensembles that give a personal style statement to a man. Honestly, when done correctly, experimenting with colours can make you look like an epitome of a fashionable street style icon. Playing with different shades does not mean that you have to abruptly throw on a chunky button up denim or coloured sneakers. If you are new to this realm of colours, then my friend, elegance is the key that will unlock the door for you. For spring this year, understated tones such as blue, red, yellow, and many others will rule the stage.

Spring and colours go hand-in-hand. No one wants to wear black when the mercury levels are increasing outside. Accordingly, having fun with different hues in this season will help you set yourself apart in a brighter way from all the other men wearing dark denim. Here are some trending colours of denim that will add life to your collection of clothes.

Dusk Blue
This brilliant blue colour is a good starting point when you are interested in infusing soft colours into your regular daily wear. Amongst neutrals, Dusk Blue looks great and can probably be worn just like every other piece of your wardrobe. The subtle tone of this shade brightens the patterns of your threads and adds a touch of charm to your entire look.

Glacier Gray

The powerful and versatile nature of Glacier Gray allows you to combine or just simply stick to neutrals with any of the of springtime menswear colours. For a cool laid-back summer vibe, team it up with white or lighter hues or go with a dark hue to get your daily dose of bold.

Green Revolution

This green tint of denim gives a subtler impression, so what better way to show your personality traits? As with this colour, it's finely matched up with dark blues and neutrals. You can even choose to stick to the basics and no one can stop you from becoming the Green Revolution’s king.

All-time Blue

This shade of blue must be treated as a ground for any gentleman look. When coupled with neutrals, this timeless colour creates a sophisticated and clean garb. If you are willing to take risks, mix this classic hue with almost entirely any shade you can get your hands on.

Muted Pink

For a refined finish, try the light, yet muted pink shade for this spring season. This hue goes very well with neutrals, blues, and greys. If you are not too sure about it, start small with a coloured tie or a shirt to add this colour to your wardrobe.

Dark Maroon

Worn best with neutral shades, dark maroon denim have the power of standing out on their own. For a bold look, you can team this colour with darker neutrals and rock your milieu without any trouble.

Sneaker Alert:

Body: A man’s outfit is assessed with his footwear and it's the colour that draws someones’ first impression. So, how can we skip colourful sneakers? Everyone requires polished and clean black or brown lace-ups. But, nowadays men can choose from a wide range of colourful shoes, find a style they love and say goodbye to their old ones.

Power of white

No matter how funky colourful sneakers look, they can never be as versatile as a pristine white pair of shoes. They look great when paired with denim and can even rock a casual workplace outfit. One can find comfortable white footwear in almost every brand. Remember, your whites will easily lose their fashion statement if they get covered in dirt. Thus, try to keep them clean and shiny at all times.

Neon Glow

Even the most boring weekdays can get glowy with neon sneakers! Adding a touch of neon hue in your footwear and wearing it with simple denim will definitely catch everyone's eye. Addidas, Nike, Fila, and Converse are brands, which are designing different patterns for the neon trend.

Tan Orange

To brighten up your look in the spring season, you can opt for tan orange sneakers. Falling under the colour spectrum of brown, this colour goes well with all shades of denim. The footwear of this colour looks perfect with casual as well as formal outfits.

So, get ready to pull these vibrant colour off without any hesitation.

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