Concealed with Camo

Concealed with Camo

Camouflage has embarked on an extensive journey from serving a functional purpose as in incognito print to becoming a staple part of our capsule wardrobe. True to its name, they can easily blend with any subculture be it punk or hippie. The ramp isn’t the sole promoter of this indispensable pattern; they are effortlessly flaunted by celebrities and fashion influencers. This classic print which was flooding in the 90s took a new avatar on-ramp with a more polished look. It still emits a fresh vibe and brings a plethora of options to style it. The century-old print can easily be dressed up or dressed down. Whether it is a billowing camo-trousers or you have to build a look around a simple camo-tee, we have surplus options to dapper the look.

Be the Shine:

Bling on your look and dazzle the party with adorning bright hues as the \y make a comeback this season. Embrace your inner macho by ditching the usual green camo and experiment with different colours. If you are the daring one, this style will speak up for you. If it is a tee then pair it with a black pant. If you are creating this look with a jacket then juxtapose it with an achromatic ensemble.

Comfort weds Style:

Easy to slide into, trousers are synonymous to comfort. They are mostly featured in an undefined silhouette but this time dive against the flow and take up the ones with a tailored and slimmer fit. They will not only provide the right edginess but also level up your style quotient.

On point:

The market is brimming with the new season’s trend and layering is our favourite among them. It is ideal for men with a lean figure as it adds volume to the look.  Achieve it by donning a solid monochrome t-shirt with a loose camouflage bomber jacket. To be on the formal side, replace the jacket with a vest.

Camouflage has escaped all the boundaries from clothing to accessories. Creating rage on-ramps, it has surpassed utilitarian fashion and is soon to take over every industry in the world.  

Story by: Anshika Seth, Intern at FHM India Magazine

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