Dictionary of Shades

Dictionary of Shades

Sunglasses are all you need to level up your fashion game. Some might believe that it’s a seasonal affair but with a deluge of new trends flaunting on the runway, there are even more reasons to add on another pair to your armoury. Whichever style you want to opt for, it is crucial that you to know your face shape to improve the functionality and to ace your overall look. Not only this, a decent pair of shades work as a saviour for your hungover eyes. 


Ones with a long head and a rounded jaw are the luckiest. Almost any frame shape can complement their structure. Oblong faces do not have to trouble themselves in searching the right pair for them. Just one key point which you always need to abide by is don’t go for frames which make your face look even longer. An oversized square sunglasses are ideal.


You fall in this category if the length and width run the same across your face. This shape is obvious to find out and the ideal shapes for it are oval as well as round.  Opting for these styles rounds out the sharpness of the face to create a harmony. Do not take up any geometric shape which will over-emphasise your structure.


It just the opposite of square. Here, to balance the roundness we need to add on edginess by introducing defined angles. Round face shapes work best with Rectangle, square, wrap and shield-shaped glasses. This will make your cheeks appear slimmer and angular.  


This face structure has is all about pronounced angles. Diamond-shaped faces are characterized by a narrow jawline and forehead with the cheekbones as the widest part of the face. To bang on this style take-on the rimless road to compliment your high cheekbones. You can also get along well with oval and rounded frames.

The golden rule to reach the ideal pair without any hassle is to go for the shape opposite to your face structure. Remember, it's just about the art of balancing.

Story By: Anshika Seth, Intern at FHM India Magazine 

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