Fashion On Your Fingertips

Fashion On Your Fingertips

The World Wide Web has extended its sway over fashion more than ever before. The next big frontier for newbie as well as flourishing brands is online portals. Our dictionary of brands has widened its span since social media came in. It is undoubtedly the most worshipped destination of our era. 

The evolution of smartphones has eased our lives in an unimaginable way. Thanks to the ever-expanding technology which made the internet so readily available. The age of connectivity has paved the road to even the farthest relative of our acquaintance. Portable devices powered by the internet has introduced a sleek and compact method for flexible and hassle-free shopping. It has unveiled the curtains of a whole new experience of gaming with a huge plethora of interactive games under a single screen. The revolution of the internet has also empowered us financially saving our pocket spaces through digital wallets. 

This is a very profit yielding time for the fashion industry and that we could expect major changes in the years to come, particularly as we seem to have an insatiable appetite for online fashion and content. Social media is being used as a medium to deliver the brand's stories by fashion and retail companies. The Internet has now become a mega forum and visual platform to exchange ideas and update the audience with various fashion events happening around the globe. Websites like Pinterest and Behance are perfect for getting fashion inspirations as it engages people with a deluge of content.

Fashion has always been laced with an element of fantasy and this has stretched its scope of evolving and transforming even more. As we plunge towards another decade of the millennium, the wheels of fashion race with an incredible speed sowing the seeds of digital models. The biggest question is, what lies next?  


Story By: Anshika Seth, Intern at FHM India Magazine

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