Forever Weekend Vibes

Forever Weekend Vibes

Since Millennials have become conscious of fashion trends, they want to limit their spending on generic clothes such as T-shirts and denim. But they are readily willing to pay extra money for athleisure or active wear. So much that, the industry is now worth $44 billion in the United States alone. This form fitted, athletic-inspired bottom wear is everywhere, and it has transformed the way we dress, be it a casual affair, for the gym or even for work. The exceptional credit for jogger pants replacing jeans as the conventional go-to bottom of choice is because of the Millennials. The generation has not only embraced jogger pants but also hoodies and sweatshirts, which come under the athleisure or leisurewear clothing range.

Millennials don’t want ill-fitting, lumpy bottoms anymore. They want jogger pants that are form fitted just like regular pants, but much more convenient. As the generation wants to keep it casual without altering their style, they don’t fancy wearing uncomfortable clothes and put a lot of effort to create a look. This is where jogger pants come into the picture. These tapered sweatpants are comfortable to wear without giving a shabby appeal to the person wearing it. Athleisure is stylish yet comfortable apparel that’s not just for exercise but for your day-to-day wear. These are the perfect cut and fit for a Millennial who wants easy dressing. The craze has extended to designers, who have taken inspiration from the latest jogger pants trend and amped up their collection of activewear that is not particularly for exercising.

Some fashion experts are of the view that jogger pants are the biggest trend to transpire to Millennials. Multiple brands have also launched their athleisure range to meet the growing demands from Millennials.

Still wondering why you should you buy jogger pants? Let’s convince you once and for all.

Unlike jeans, jogger pants are not sticking to your body like an obsessive partner. You can freely walk around without having to think twice about
the limitation that comes with denim. Best part? Jogger pants don’t look dull, and you can easily transition from day to night wearing them. For
instance, you can wear your jogger pants with a T-shirt during the day and transform the look for the night by teaming the same outfit with a denim jacket or a formal coat and a metallic watch for a powerful look.

Let’s just be honest for a moment here. Jogger pants look great with anything and everything, be it a casual shirt, a sweatshirt with a hood or a printed t-shirt. You can pull it off with whatever is present in your wardrobe and you’re good to go. Nothing can deter you even if you have just one pair of joggers. You can repeat it without having to change the bottom. With jeans and pants, you can only wear them to specific events, but with jogger pants, you can practically wear them everywhere. They are friendly enough to be worn throughout any season, be it winter or summer.

A substantial number of jogger pants come in dark shades, so they typically look more reformed than jeans when you are working to achieve a formal outfit. You can wear jogger pants with a formal shirt or ripped t-shirt, and you will still look stylish for days.

Bottom wear like pants and jeans come in boring colours, but jogger pants come in various colours and patterns. To nail the jogger pants trend, wear a suitable colour/pattern for different settings. For instance, bright coloured prints and patterns are more apt for working out, while black or neutral shades are strongly suited for everyday affairs or events that don’t demand you to dress up. For a night out, you can team your jogger pants with a quirky jacket and a typographic T-shirt to create a fun look. “The athleisure trend will flourish in the near future, and we’ll get to see some of the major brands expand their selection of jogger pants and other comfortable clothing wear. Not only big brands, but new startups are also producing a variety of quality products with affordable pricing for consumers. It all comes down to how well a brand conjectures its customers and presents the best possible product” says Aditi Saxena, a fashion influencer. Millennials don’t just spend money on jogger pants because they are comfortable and practical, but also because it helps them showcase their personal style.

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