Logo Lunatic

Logo Lunatic

We can’t calm down our obsession for the logo tees. They have surpassed seasons and still emit the freshness with an everlasting appeal. Synonymous to comfort, these are easy to don and can efficiently complement any possible look. The name game provides a plethora of opportunities to label and define yourself according to the brand’s persona. If you hate wasting time in dressing up on lazy Sundays, this wonder garment will fix that for you. Effortless yet fashionable, they never scream for attention but manages to grab them. Ingrained with style, logo tees are revamping fashion to the next level and are here to stay with us for long. “Athleisure looks are getting trendier and smarter every season. The top to bottom tonal looks, clean and minimal graphics, high-performance fabrics and finishes like breathability are in high demand. Moreover, comfortable and stretchable materials and overall aesthetics of this fashion category help in the easy transition from work to gym look or evening out, which is what the modern working man is looking for” says Manjula Gandhi, the Chief Product Officer of Numero Uno.

1. Classic look
The logo trend effectively manages to steal the spotlight by re-inventing the 90s classic style and apparently reflects a contemporary vibe. Brands such as UCB tops the list in reinventing the classics. It offbeats different styles and truly justifies the youth obsession associated with it. Levis has ventured an extensive journey from the checkered Olympic logo to its classic red. It’s not just a red tab but a lot more. Social media and music bands have pumped up this mania even harder. So if you are an appreciator of classics then this item is what you should pick.  

2. Layered and Boxed
Nothing is better suited to the social media platform than a shirt that speaks volumes. The not so subtle casual t-shirts by Tommy Hilfiger speaks the language of style and brand’s contribution to the hip hop sub-culture. Flaunting the iconic Tommy flag logo, the casual tees roars the language of sophistication. The brand has long surpassed its competitors by uplifting the urban culture amongst the youth. The boxed logo of Supreme has remained an all-time favourite. Displaying the name logo in a striking red box with white text, the unconventional approach by the brand is for the bold players in the logo league.  

3. Bigger and Better
Don’t fear to fall back to the oversized logos as we are well versed with those huge ones back in the 90s. Garnering love for your favourite brand has never been so loud. Tickle your quirky side, throw yourself to this style and let it do the talking. Lee is one of the trailblazers of the classic tees and is still leading the way by blending it with contemporary styles. Other brands such as American Eagle are popular among the youth and have earned itself an unmatched reputation with the passage of time. The classic monogrammed tee is sure to add a flamboyant oomph to your ensemble.     

4. Sportified
The logo laden trend has been a timeless obsession and has taken a swoon over the sportswear industry. Nothing can be as simple as a swoosh and when we say that, the brand which reflects immediately has pushed its way through becoming one of the most endorsed brands in the world. The stylish meet of sporty with 90s vintage gave birth to the streetwear athleisure. Add volume to you your urban look by taking it up a notch on it. Penetrating the formal wear, it has reinvented the corporate look by incorporating relaxed silhouettes juxtaposed with class and power.  

Extending from the street style to the high fashion houses, the logo trend has made a huge comeback and should be a staple part of your capsule wardrobe. Manjula also adds that “Today fashion is all about feeling good about yourself and expressing your personality and it could be well expressed by wearing the branded pieces subtly or heavily from head to toe.” Though the roadside market is brimming with the economically tempting counterfeits, indulging in knock-offs are not actually saving your money but creating a hole in your pocket and murdering your fashion quotient. So, the next time you go shopping, be wise and selective.  

Story by Anshika Seth, Intern at FHM India 

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