In an era where fashion is the steed, everyone wants to gallop on, making clothes which are both fashionable and comfortable is the next big thing. Gone are the days when buying a suit for a meeting would create a hole in your pocket. Meet the newest fad, the athleisure which you can flawlessly don at your office. Surprising at it may sound but the speed with which the active-wear have surmounted our wardrobes is insane. Designers are incorporating these styles on the ramp and fashion influencers can’t stop flaunting these styles.

In earlier times, clothes like gym-wear shorts and baggy pants only fell into the category of active wear. But with time activewear has developed into sleek fashionable attire. 

But the key to wearing it right lies here-

Adorn a casual blazer

To save time and energy, just grab a casual blazer on a t-shirt or shirt. Bomber jackets are the new trendsetter. It will certainly add an athleisure touch to your overalls.

Slide the right pair

Swap your formal pant with a more casual trouser. Jogger pants and chinos are the best options to get the right look.


Sneakers are something you can never be satisfied with a single pair. Pairing the right sneaker with your outfit is easy breezy. Just choose a subtle and neutral solid colour with minimal or no designs and you are done.

Athleisure is suited for a wide variety of occasions and offers flexibility in relation to its fit, function, and material preferences. Not only this, its spectrum is so broad that it fits in a 35-year-old dad as well as a 15-year-old teenage boy. Casual lifestyle, growing disposable incomes, changing fashion trends, and comfort of garments are expected to drive the athleisure market during the forecast period.

Story by Anshika Seth - Intern at FHM India

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