Monsoon Wardrobe Guide

Monsoon Wardrobe Guide

Your plain white T’s would have worked in the summer heat but now it is time to add a splash of colour to your ensemble. Go for stripes. Red, orange or pink, they always get you the attention you deserve.

It’s time to layer it up. A plain hoodie will not only make your colourful T-Shirt pop, but it will also keep you dry in the rain. And, when it gets wet, you can just throw it in your laundry basket or the drying stand, and you’ll be still ready to go.

Jeans are for every season but when they get wet, they really get wet. It’s time to ditch that worn-out denim and get into a pair of shorts and let your legs breathe. Also, men’s legs aren’t always on display and will catch the eyes of all the girls around you.

Man Bag
Time to accessorise! We know man bags have a bad rep, but it’s time to ignore those raised eyebrows and get hip. A man bag will not only keep your electronics safe, but they will also keep your pockets empty so that you can run out of the rain when you have to.

Canvas Shoes
Leave them leather boots in your shoe rack and give these canvas shoes a try. They are not only comfortable but also dry out quickly. And if they get mud on them, you can just wash them out. Our only suggestions, match them with your Tees or your shorts or go with plain whites.

Nothing says class like a man with an umbrella. It’s time to get one. It will not only protect you but will give you the opportunity to offer shelter to the pretty girl you have had your eyes on. Don’t go with the dreary black. Pick an unusual colour. We suggest maroon or yellow. It will be the perfect conversation starter. 

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