Rain-check Your Closet

Rain-check Your Closet

The rainy season may not be our favourite. Though it engrosses us in the petrichor emanating from the wet fields, it completely blurs our fashion quotient. The stinky socks, sloppy outfits and damp hair; monsoon devastates our daily life and wreak havoc on our fashion choices. When the sky is full of gloomy, dark clouds predicting a full day of rain it is essential to plan out your outfit a day ahead.

Jeans are undoubtedly our best friend. But this complex fabric takes a long time to dry leaving your legs damp and giving you rashes and skin irritation. Replace it with a lighter fabric like Polyester. It won’t cling to your body and will dry quickly. Go for a jogger style pant for a more casual look. Take up ankle-length hemlines while selecting pants.

On the lazy days when you forgot to raincheck, play it safe by opting for a loose and baggy outfit. Oversizing your ensemble juxtaposed with a statement belt.   

Bid a farewell to those dull shades and add some drama to your monsoon palette. Vibrant hues with bold prints like florals are sure to beat the gloomy weather. Avoid light shades as the devil pouring from the sky may leave stains on your clothes.

For formal occasions, opt for tough shoes in dark shades. Its firmness won’t absorb the rain as it will slide off effortlessly. Leather can be your prior choice. Try avoiding closed footwear as much as possible. If it’s a necessity then make sure you wear clean socks with it to maintain hygiene. Go for rubber sole sandals or crocs to keep your style on point.

Tackling the rain has never been an easy affair. While you lack space to carry the bulky umbrella, picking the right one will compliment your look and make your monsoon trendy. As the DIY trend takes a leap, evoke your inner artist. Doodle or paint a transparent umbrella with your favourite colour palette or keep it monochrome. 

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