Sock It Up

Sock It Up

2019 has been all about socks and that too for a reason. As we bid farewell to the ankle-length ones which created a huge rage in the fashion world, the ramps have embraced the mid-calf-socks which rose like a phoenix this season. We are well aversed that our footwear choices create the very first impression on whoever we meet. Socks may be a small fashion accessory but is a significant part of our ensemble.

Every outfit you don requires a different type of socks. In fact, the market is brimming with versatile socks both in varied colours and distinct size-types. There is an array of them vying to be a part of your closet. To narrow down the best from the rest, here’s a sorted guide to choose from.  

Invisible Socks-

When we say sockless, don’t go on its literal meaning because this look is smartly crafted to hide the socks from being visible. These are comfortable and easy to don at the same time keep your feet dry. Make the right choice in pairing the footwear. Do not opt for boots, high-tops or sandals as at the end of the day you might get rashes or suffer from a shoe-bite below the heel area due to excessive fiction.

Crew Socks-

You can't go wrong with mid-calf socks when wearing long pants. They should undoubtedly be the first choice for any formal meeting or occasion. Printed socks are the biggest trend right now. Go subtle with fun prints. Random patterns like polka dot and argyle add a nice touch. Take up Bold and striking prints to create a fashion statement. Pair it contrastingly with your outfit so that it's not on the face. 

Ankle Socks-

Don’t muddle between the no-show-socks with this one as both of them are entirely different. These are often worn wrong as their use is limited to performing physical activities including sports and gym. Also, pair them with high-top sneakers or boots. While buying, focus on friction reduction and moisture absorbancy to keep you comfortable during strenuous activities.

Story by: Anshika Seth, an Intern at FHM India Magazine

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