Sports In My Genes

Sports In My Genes

Just like a military uniform, sportswear has also been greatly valued on account of its rugged features that it possesses and passes on to its wearers. Sportswear has attained a full circle. The athletes impact the fashion industry when the brands introduce a wide range of clothes that give a twist to technical outdoor designs. The fashion focus of the year 2018 was on FIFA world cup, while the current focus is now on IPL and upcoming tennis tournaments. With the sports season upon us, it is time to get hooked on to some sports attire.


This year’s sunglasses collection of Ralph Lauren combines the heritage of the brand and its long association with the grace and strength of tennis with new and modern fits, fabrications, and silhouettes. It features an umpire official sunglass frame and classically inspired shape that are available in signature colours of the club. Then comes a brand that has been voted as the one that provides the best tennis sunglasses. It is none other than Oakley, whose brand new flat jacket iridium sunglasses has a sturdy frame with a quench of style, which will pair well with your t-shirt and jeans look. 

Waste Pouches and Wallet Belts

The most wanted crossover fashion brands and big winners in the new urban hiker trends are Patagonia and North Face, whose Logo pieces are driving huge demand. The sports collection of Patagonia has focused on minimising environmental harm by utilising fair trade certified fabrics such as organic cotton. North Face, on the other hand, has launched another collection where the focus in on activewear for both men and women. In fact, its waist pouches and wallet belts are made from lightweight and weatherproof materials which are in trend nowadays. Wallet belts by Flipbelt also stand out in the crowd, on account of its super stretchy material, which stays in place while carrying out any kind of sports activity. The presence of sweat-wicking and non-chafing fabric makes it a clear winner among all.


Hydrogen recently presents a new collection for the male and female genre dedicated to the world of tennis. The caps are a hit with the buyers on account of its perforated panels and sweat-wicking fabric that keeps one cool and comfortable for the entire day. The company has also introduced its line of clothing for sports professionals, which is more suitable for high-intensity activities and running that require a uniform of some kind.


Fashion and football—sorry, soccer—have always made uncomfortable bedfellows. It is a sport in which the star players are cocooned from an early age: no parties, no normal teenage upbringing, none of the elements typically crucial in developing one’s own sense of style. They don’t have time for that. Their reward, of course, is a life that many grown ups dream of— adoration, glory, and money. Same applies to the game of cricket. With so much hype about IPL all around the nation, there has been an introduction of many leisure wears by well-known brands. One such is Sher Singh, which is the world’s first global cricket inspired lifestyle brand from India that has been providing its collection to Kings XI Punjab: the 2019 IPL team. It has introduced stylish and colourful polos, which is far better in terms of quality when compared to well-known brands. The best part is that the brand has utilised an excellent logo placement strategy and focus on delivering world-class material.

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