Style Meets Street

Style Meets Street

We are living in a time full of comebacks and throwbacks. For instance, men’s style underwent a huge transformation, from next-generation fabrics and wearable technology to bold trends on the runways and making fashion sustainable. With all this, there is one trend that has forever been cherished, utility fashion. Many luxury and streetwear brands such as Louis Vuitton, Balenciaga, Supreme, and A Bathing Ape have inculcated and reinvigorated utility in their clothing line. And now we think it is also time for you to include these in your wardrobe.


Sandals for summers are just like florals for spring, groundbreaking. But, not in a sarcastic way. The king of footwear for warm weather, sandals pass off as easy, breezy, and ultra-comfortable. Just as new clothing trends come in, others make a speedy exit from the fashion scene, and footwear is not exempted. While there are a plethora of footwear trends that may not stand the test of time, some suddenly feel overdone, almost to the point of oversaturation. However, sandals have always stood strong. Functional needn’t read nerd and sandals solves all the intents and purposes of utility fashion. For an on-point dressing, you can team sandals with toggles and velcro for an evening get together with your friends. Brands such as Saint Laurent, Aldo, Dune, and many more create aesthetically pleasing sandals and adding few to your footwear collection will definitely lift your shoe game.


Big, baggy cargo pants with innumerable zip pockets are the epitome of the utilitarian fashion. With so many pockets at hand, you can virtually carry anything with ease. According to an eBay survey, men voted cargo pants “the coolest” item of clothing, which they wore in the ‘90s. “Cargos are stylish, functional, comfortable and stands out from the common denim and t-shirt look. Due to its masculine built and combat influence in terms of design and earthy colours, putting it all together gives a feeling of confidence and freedom of individuality to the wearer,” says Samresh Das, Design Manager at Numero Uno. On how to style your cargo pants, Samresh adds, “Cargos work wonders with crew neck,
henleys or muscle polo. If you want to be experimental, you can team it up with a double pocket full sleeve with a tab or a band collar casual linen shirt. However, work your combination the way you want but don’t forget to put the attitude on.”


Reborn as high-end fashion, a bum bag was originally used to carry valuable items, but now it’s more of a fashion statement to own. Other than the styling perspective, a bum bag is great for anyone who wants their hands free from carrying tidbits such as car keys, cash, cards, and whatnot. This popular accessory has been produced by the likes of Marc Jacobs, Gucci, and a host of other designer labels. The reinvention of
the bum bag for the 21st century has glorified utility fashion and there’s hardly a rapper or a celebrity who doesn’t flaunt one. When it comes to styling it, the possibilities are endless. Sling it across your shoulders, drape around the neck or use it as a belt through the loops in your favourite pair of jeans, a bum bag can be your best buddy.


A jacket is essentially an inverse of a trend, an item of clothing you’re meant to wear for several years, and it actually gets better with age, just like wine. Adding multiple pockets to a jacket will invariably make it much more appealing, and voila, a gilet was born. This utility vest can be paired with long-sleeved T-shirts, hoodies and elevate your outerwear too. On how to style a gilet, Prem Dewan, Retail Head, Corneliani says, “Formal reversible gilet is becoming a utility since it can have two different faces - one side plain and one side jacquard look to give an official and ceremonial feel to the occasion. While looking for a transitional jacket, one wants something substantial but not too cumbersome, something that’s stylish yet extremely versatile besides battling wacky weather.” On why the vest is gaining momentum in the fashion front, he adds, “Gilets are making a comeback because of the easy versatility and for being amazingly utilitarian.”

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