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Walk Of Vogue

Be it the risque black dress with the thigh-high slit that Angeline Jolie donned at the 84th Academy Awards or Jennifer Lopez’s iconic tropical print, deep plunging neckline Versace gown at the Grammy Awards in 2000, the red carpet looks have always been a female-dominated arena. For years, men stuck to their done to death look—a dapper, well-fitted tuxedo, but we feel it’s time that boys should have a little fun.


On the international front, we have seen men like Billy Porter, Timothée Chalamet, and Ezra Miller rocking the red carpet with everything from removable six-foot angel wing feather train to huge overcoat along with shimmering boots and graphic sweaters. Closer home, however, we don’t see celebrities being experimental much. So what is holding back celebrities in India from going a little extravagant and experimental? “I feel that the basic reason that stops the celebrities from experimenting is the lack of self-confidence. Self-confidence is something that is highly required when you dress up, as it enhances the overall look and makes you appear good. Even though most of the celebrities play too safe at the red carpet, celebrities like Ranveer Singh always try to take his look a level up,” feels Delhi-based designer Sunil Mehra.

But now, things seem to have improved a little for Indian celebrities, all thanks to the likes of Ranveer Singh, Ayushmann Khurrana, Diljit Dosanjh, and even Vicky Kaushal to some extent. Designer Kunal Anil Tanna seconds our claim and adds, “As a designer, it is extremely encouraging to have eminent men exploring options that are rather more fashion advanced and unflinchingly adorning them. Digital media has made scouting for fashion very accessible for stylists, who are the most crucial factor in setting an actor’s red carpet looks.”


Don’t get us wrong, we absolutely adore and appreciate men in well-fitted tuxedos but we also believe that it’s high time that celebrities try something more than just a good old tux and mix up things a little. Despite the frequent memes and fun that goes around his ensembles, Ranveer Singh has always made sure he wears what he wants and how he wants it, and we simply adore him for that. He, along with Ayushmann Khurrana, has been embracing the much talked about gender equality and fluidity in the world of fashion with their choices. These men can be seen sporting a skirt with just as much grace and flair as they’d have while donning a bandhgala.

“As cliché as it may sound, change is the only constant, and adapting is the only progress. As long as one does not fall prey and make themselves a fashion victim, experimenting with style trends suiting one’s own personality can really help to enhance their style,” says Kunal.
“As times evolve and western influences become more acceptable, Indian men’s fashion would be more adaptive to experimental looks not only for runway and editorial shoots but also for the red carpet and public appearances,” feels Sandeep Gonsalves, Co-founder, and Director at Sarah & Sandeep.


“Every Indian is in awe and wishes to be in some way like a certain celebrity. This makes them very impactful and most of the time a “trendsetter”. It’s the celebrity’s styling entourage who painstakingly source and assemble the look that makes the celebrity an absolute icon,” further voices Kunal. Since celebrities in India are the torchbearers of trends and all the latest fads, it is no surprise that the fashion choices of common people are greatly influenced by them.

“Celebrities are everything in India and they hold the power to normalise experimentation of statement fashion here. If they become a little experimental with their looks, then people in the country would follow them and feel “okay” wearing something different because their favourite celebrity is wearing that,” agrees designer Sameer Madan.

Regardless of some fashion faux pas and over the top ensembles by them, we are simply glad that these men are taking a step towards making red carpet fashion more than just about black three-piece suits. So, as much as we love to see what Deepika Padukone wore at Cannes or what Priyanka Chopra sported at the MET Gala, for once it would be fun to see what the guys have been wearing to spice up our fashion pages.

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