Find Your Perfect Pooch

Find Your Perfect Pooch

No wonder dogs are man’s best friend. Responding to the affection displayed by their owners, dogs have made an integral space for themselves in our families. The increasing number of dog parks and pet-friendly hotels validate this. Research shows that your canine companion acts more like a human they tend to spend their time with. Did you know that the tricks you teach your furry friend apparently results in it morphing more like you? Pets are a medium through which owners make a statement. They are a true reflection of the choices they make, their likes and dislikes and the image they want to portray to the rest of the world.

According to a research paper published in the Journal of Research in Personality, Dog’s personality mirrors the personality of the owner. Each dog reflects a unique personality which carries the potential to change with the passage of time similar to humans. Dr Nicholas Dodman, the co-founder of Centre for Canine Behaviour Studies, UK says,” dogs do learn from their owners and can gain confidence from confident owners. They can also pick up on the owner’s fears and become anxious in different situations.”

We mostly react harshly on various behavioural problems that our pets express but fail to understand that the major ones could be caused by their owner’s personality and psychological status. On our quest to match dogs with the right human companions, we observed various traits in your four-legged friend and curated the below list especially for you to understand your right mate.

For the dynamic globetrotters

People who are adventurous and high spirited look for a travel companion. You cannot afford to tag along with any breed for your hiking trips. The dog must be docile and sturdy. These breeds are ideal for campers and hikers. They may not go well with bikers due to their short-temperateness.

Best Picks- Border Collie and German Shephard

• Inarguably the best athletes 

• Agile and super active

• Well equipped for rugged trails Other breeds-Siberian Husky, Labrador retriever, Tibetan mastiffs

For the geeky homebodies

People who love to stay home and read a good book or chilling out should carefully opt for their furry cuddle buddy. A small dog with an adorable personality must be the ideal characteristic in your lap warmers. Along with that, they must be mild and lively.

Best Picks- Pugs and Chihuahua

• A perfect couch companion

• Requires minimal grooming

• Calm and harmless Other breeds-poodles, Pomeranians

For the busy singles

A lot of people limit themselves from getting a dog because of their strenuous work schedules and busy lifestyles. Dogs undoubtedly are social animals but there are few breeds that might not mind staying at home for long. Dr Dodman adds, “People who are not home for several hours per day should probably think twice about getting a dog unless they can afford dog walkers and/or day-care. Most dogs do much better if properly exercised.” If your timetable is too rigid then you may opt for a cat which is natural loners.

Best Picks- Maltese and Chow Chow

• Relaxed

• Reserved and independent

• Do not crave for a lot of activities Other breeds-Chihuahua, French bulldogs

For Natural protectors

There are a lot of people who not only want a companion but also a faithful protector. If you are looking for a dog who is a natural intimidator and protects your loved ones from trespassers then, you can blindly go for the following. These breeds do not trust strangers that easily and are the constant home guardians.

Best Picks- Rottweiler and Doberman

• Territorial instinct

• Courageous and Loyal

• Protective watchdog Other breeds-German Shephard, Bull Mastiffs, Great Dan

Dr Rajeev Sharma, Professor at College of Veterinary Science, Assam briefs us regarding a few factors we should keep in mind before getting a dog. “Make sure the dog is completely vaccinated, check for any congenital anomalies in the pooch, and consider your expenses before buying a dog. Also, ensure that the atmosphere at your home is appropriate for the dog.” Now that you know which breed to pick according to your personality, welcome a furry friend at your home.

Story by Anshika Seth, Intern at FHM India Magazine

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