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Frolicking Spots With Good Food & Cocktails

Rassasy by Barcelos, Mumbai
The ambience of Rassasy by Barcelos is inspired by the European and American retro era and we sure were sold on the idea. You can find much to love across the wide, 28 feet bar, where you can drink your way across the world with Rassasy’s exceptional cocktails and ‘21 sangria collection’. The gastropub specialises in spirits from different countries like Portugal, New Zealand, Italy, Spain, and Jamaica. Our pick was the sweetened sangrias, which were packed with flavours of fruits like peaches, apples, and grapes. You can choose from a selection of irresistible options, such as Spiced Whiskey and various beers. From the food department, we would recommend piri-piri chicken wings, grilled salmon with pesto sauce, burritos, and lasagne de Carnevale to name a few. All in all, the exotic flavours of the sangrias served here will keep you company till the wee hours of the night, making Rassasy by Barcelos your perfect new drinking buddy that cheers its way to a good life. All-day, every day.

1Oak, New Delhi
But first, cocktails. This bright eclectic pink signboard is one of the first things that you will notice when you step into this recently renovated café and bar, 1Oak. The spirit of cocktails is high with this one; and as our nights get colder and days become darker, it is time to say farewell to the cheeky fruity drinks of summer, and welcome some grown-up cocktails. 10ak offers an array of scrumptious cuisines such as Japanese, Lebanese, Thai, and Chinese, which are also revamped from scratch. Starting from what we ordered in cocktails, our heart was set on the Oak Smoked Negroni, which delivered on its name, by being smoky and sexy.  This spot is also well known for its creative cocktails, such as The Berry That Cran, Hibiscus Tropical, and Rob Roy.
We sat at the bar which was quite suitable for a Saturday, as the place was fully packed (hint: reserve in advance) so it was easier for us to chat and enjoy the drinks and food. The dishes on the menu had an impressive portion size. We tried the Sicilian Arancini, Mushroom Stroganoff, and Roasted Chicken Dumpling, which were indescribably delightful. For dessert, the Italian Tiramisu stole the show and was a delightful ending to our hearty meal. There is nothing that we could find a fault in, except for the Salted Caramel Brownie shake that was loaded with sugar like there’s no tomorrow.
1Oak embodies a classic chic, after-dark innovative vibe, with high wooden chairs and plush leather sofas, to steep the place in the modern aesthetic feel. You should visit10ak for its fun and vibrant vibes.

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