A Coffee Revolution

A Coffee Revolution

here is something so comforting about a sip of coffee thundering down our throats and enlivening each cell of our bodies. The bitterness, the nuttiness and the overwhelming aromas of a cuppa Joe have the power to eliminate despair. And enriching the experience of each treasured sip further, cold brew coffee has found its way to our cups. Cold-brew–the recently popular technique of brewing coffee transcends all the other experiences.

Cold brew coffee in the simplest terms is coffee that is brewed cold as opposed to how we have been brewing it, in hot water. It is prepared by soaking the coffee grounds in cold water for a period of 16 hours or more and then straining the mixture. The result is a cooling, refreshing, caffeinated beverage that tastes, smells and feels remarkably different from the conventionally brewed coffee. Cold brew coffee is full-bodied and naturally sweet with various muted flavours, owing to the low extraction rate of cold water. It is less acidic and easy on the stomach. Acidity can no more be a reason to avoid coffee.

Drink cold brew coffee from the comfort of your homes or workplaces. Order from
Sleepy Owl
Sleepy Owl brews their coffees only when they receive an order. Their cold brews are fresh and roasted in small batches. The single-origin Arabica beans are evenly browned and grounded for extraction. The Sleepy Owl brew packs are delivered across India. Order Sleepy Owl cold brews at Sleepyowl.co.
Blue Tokai Roaster Coffee
Blue Tokai Roasters Coffee has a plethora of roast and blends options and flavours. They have cafes in New Delhi, Gurugram. You can even visit the Blue Tokai Roasteries to observe the roasters at work. They deliver in India and abroad. Order at Bluetokaicoffee.com.
Fresh Brew Co.
Fresh Brew Co. source their single-serve artisan coffee from the finest coffee estates in the country. They deliver their 200 ml bottles of cold brew throughout the country and recommend that their coffee be consumed within 21 days from the brew date. Order your Fresh Brew coffee at Freshbrewco.in.

Cold brewing coffee at home is easy and convenient. Dheeraj Singh, Assistant City Manager (Delhi) of Blue Tokai Coffee Roasters tells us how.
Suggested Coffee to Water Ratio: 1:10, 1 gram of coffee grounds in 10 gram water

  •  Let the coffee steep overnight in cold water and keep it in the fridge. The coffee extraction will take its own sweet time.
  • Strain the coffee using a cold brew pot. If you don’t have equipment at home, use any strainer, such as a chai channi, cheesecloth or toddy filter.
  • Brew your coffee in small batches and consume within 10 days.

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