Delectable Rewind

Delectable Rewind

The interior of Lock & Key has a decadent vibe that takes you back to a bygone era in a contemporary fashion. The burst of colour from the peppy wall decor is perfectly balanced under the soft tones of the yellow lighting. The wooden floor lures you into tapping your toes to the jazz music while the fragrant aroma of fresh food and handcrafted cocktails tempts you to check out their quirky menu. This drinkery parlour resides in the heart of Gurugram but is far away from the hustle-bustle of the thriving city.

As we walked into Lock & Key, we could feel the entire place elevated with jazz music as the bar often has live gigs. We gave the whiskey-based Elder Fashioned a whirl, and we reckon it’s subtle Lock & Key’s version of the Old Fashioned. The floral notes were juxtaposed brilliantly with the cherry smoke. The Smoke & Sour, made by swirling Jim Beam, honey and pomegranate, was the hot favourite of the night. In between drinks, we tried the Rock Shrimp Tempura and Spinach & Ricotta Ravioli. The simplistic taste of the dishes was wrapped with exuberant plating and aromatic fragrance. For dessert, we ordered Cheese Cake with Blueberry Compote. The smooth consistency and the gleeful flavour of the blueberry were a perfect ending to our meal.

However, we weren’t quite excited about their Smoke Salmon as it was bland and slightly undercooked. All in all, an evening at Lock & Key will transport you back to the days of the roaring twenties where food indulgence was the ultimate key to entertainment.

Shades Of Grey 

The cocktail Shades of Grey is inspired by Christian Grey, an American romantic character and his different moods. When the cocktail arrives on the table, it appears to be deep black in colour that’s layered with vanilla cream on top. The beautiful amalgamation of classic Negroni with a twist
of vanilla bean makes this cocktail a people pleaser.


London Dry Gin: 20ml
Campari: 20ml
Red Vermouth: 20ml
Edible Activated Charcoal: 2gms
Vanilla Cream: 60ml


Pour all the spirits in respective quantity in a mixing glass. Add activated charcoal and a block of crystal ice. Stir the cocktail and pour the ingredients into a crystal wine glass and top up with vanilla cream slowly. Stir the drink and enjoy its different moods when the rich vanilla cream infuses with bitter Negroni.

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