Shake And Make

Shake And Make

Mint Chocolate Shake
Blend together four scoops of vanilla ice cream, 120 ml milk, 60 ml chocolate syrup and 25 ml peppermint syrup and serve in a large tall glass. To garnish, dribble few drops of chocolate syrup on top in a squiggle or circular pattern. 

Banana malt shake
First pour 120 ml milk into a blender, followed by four scoops of vanilla ice cream, one chopped banana and two tablespoons of Bournvita or Milo. Blend it all together well and serve it in a tall glass. 

Peanut butter vanilla shake
For this thick and creamy shake, you need to blend together 120 ml milk, four scoops of vanilla ice cream and two tablespoons of peanut butter in a blender. Pour it into a tall glass and top it with a teaspoon of peanut butter.

Digestive cookie shake
This is a filling and yummy thick shake. Blend four scoops of butterscotch ice cream, 120 ml milk and three digestive cookies well together. Pour in a tall glass and garnish with a crushed cookie on top. 

Double chocolate shake
In a blender, pour 120 ml milk and add four scoops of chocolate ice cream followed by 60 ml of chocolate syrup. Blend until it becomes frothy and thick. Next, take a tall glass and squeeze chocolate syrup around the inner rim to line it. Pour and serve. 

Strawberry Shake
In a blender, blend together 120 ml milk, four scoops of strawberry ice cream, 90 ml strawberry crush and four freshly washed strawberries. Pour in a tall glass and use strawberries slit from the centre as a garnish. Serve chilled.

Orange and oat bran shake
Pour 120 ml milk into a blender along with four scoops of vanilla ice cream, 90 ml orange pulp and two tablespoons of oat bran. Blend and serve in a tall glass. To garnish, sprinkle some oat bran. You can also replace orange with mangoes.

Cake Shake
Pour 120 ml milk, 50 gms of Mississippi Mud Cake (easily available at bakeries or dessert shops) and four scoops of vanilla ice cream in a blender. Keep blending until the ingredients become a thick shake and then use some crushed cake as garnishing. 

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