Vegetarian Twist

Vegetarian Twist

To break the monotony of your mundane week, take your loved one to this beautiful urban café in the capital.

Nestled quietly in the city, Greenr café is like a breath of fresh air for people who wish to eat healthy without sacrificing on taste. Aided with a beautiful ambience, the place offers a delectable selection of good, hearty, and healthy drinks and food. There is nothing pretentious about the venue. With just the right amount of sophistication, you will feel completely at home when you come here. The casual, warm and cosy vibe along with the happy, hippie ambience of Greenr will make you feel at home.

Best known to serve faux-meat burgers in the town, the café has some amazing smoothies and coffees, which tops all the goodness. We started our meal with a lovely acai berrry smoothie, which can anyday replace the sugar-laden coffee that we drink. Then we tried the Bangkok street tofu earth bowl, and the Tuscan shroom balls salad. The salad was a bit bland and dry for our liking but the k

The place has experimented with a variety of elements to create healthy drinks dishes such as pulled pork, meatballs, burgers, and tuna all made from plant sources. Their innovative way to replace meat with jackfruit, cassava, etc., as a meat substitute is definitely the USP of the kitchen. The menu also features food options for special needs – raw, vegan, glutenfree, and so much more. We ended our meal with chocolate ganache and wildberry, which is a healthy dessert option with brown sugar.

A paradise for vegetarians, you can try their meatless meatball burgers and earth bowls. It is a fitting environment for couples enjoy a perfect evening. It is also an ideal destination for solo dining and reading a good book. The place, may we also add, even a nonvegetarian will enjoy the twist of flavours offered here. 

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