Katrina Kaif Speaks About Bharat

Katrina Kaif Speaks About Bharat FHM India

Between now and when we last met Katrina Kaif, Greece went bankrupt, your petrol bills went through the roof and then sort of came back to normalcy again, the Germans crashed out of the Euro 2012 and Miss Kaif did an item song that beat the stuffing out off and then into her own immensely popular item song from the year before. She’s also been voted an icon for kids alongside Sachin Tendulkar, miraculously positioned herself bang into the middle of the Khan triangle and has also learnt to ride a water scooter. But she insists nothing compares to being voted the Sexiest Woman in the world – again. This is the fourth time. One more time and she’d have squatter rights on the crown.

People are going to start saying it’s fixed, we muse out loud. She laughs. “It doesn’t make sense to change something just because people want it to change. It’s just convenient.” It also means people are “not voting for me only based on my physical looks. They are looking at me in entirety.” Just like last year, you listen in awe and nod. And then you ask her the thing you’ve been dying to ask her – What music she’s listening to these days. Wait a minute, that’s not it. You wanted to ask her whether she is single. But she’s listening to Lana Del Ray these days, if you must know.

Miss Kaif herself though has changed a lot over the last year. For one she’s embraced the searching phase she was going through last year and come to terms with it. And somewhere between it all, she’s also developed a strange affinity for triangles. She’s managed to land herself smack in the middle of the famed and mythical Khan triangle... She has a movie out with her former lover turned great friend – Salman Khan, she has a movie out with his arch nemesis – Shah Rukh Khan and then one with the man who makes you realise how horrible a human being you are every Sunday morning – Aamir Khan. She laughs. “There is not even one percent of the friction that people keep talking about. “When I saw Veer Zara and the scene in which Shah Rukh picks up PreityZinta and carries her across the bridge, I knew I had to do a romantic film like that.” Thus, the new Yash Chopra movie opposite SRK happened. While we aren’t sure whether he is picking her up and carrying her across bridge in that one, she is suddenly being touted as the quintessential Yash Chopra heroine. The buzz is that she made Chopra senior cry… Such was the love in one of the scenes.

What then of the other Mr Khan? The one who likes to hang his glasses at the back of his collar? “My personal equation with Salman has not been affected at all. I think they are all extremely professional people.” Another thing that has changed over the course of the last year is her reluctance to become an adrenaline junkie. “It’s not like I am hurling myself off planes on vacation,” she laughs. She has however developed a little bit of a soft spot for water sports. And she isn’t someone who makes it a habit to fall off from a water scooter. “I think I did alright, but I’d still like to keep both my feet firmly on the ground.”

We sense an opening and ask her the one thing we’ve been meaning to ask her ever since our polling closed. You see if this were an ad, you’d be like the guy who takes forever to ask a girl out. You instead would take the same time to ask her if she’d want to curl up with you and a plate of curd rice (she’s addicted to those we hear) and even then stop just short of asking her if she’s single. She is. She admits. “When I decide to commit you’ll hear about it. Sometimes it might not work. Sometimes other people might not want to talk about things, but no, I am single,” she insists.

Then she gives off a throaty laugh as she says, “I have no idea who these friends are”. We are talking about her ‘close friends’ who are being quoted telling newspapers that she’s in a “stable relationship and out of the dating game.” Girls like her are never in the dating game. They don’t need to be. We’re talking about paparazzo’s that have allegedly pictured her holding hands with Ranbir. She thinks people don’t understand friendships.

That said, the one thing that does set Miss Kaif apart from the herd is her spectacular ability to multi-task. She’s been as sexy and as at ease doing a Sheila kiJawani (which is the only time she had to go on a diet) and ChikniChameli, as she is being the romantic Yash Chopra heroine, the cotton sari clad power politician in the second part of Rajneeti and the kicks hurling actionista of Dhoom 3. “Being sexy isn’t about the clothes… The sexiest thing is not trying. For me to wear a cotton sari, be without makeup and to still be desirable is sexy.” She insists she’d rather not stick to doing the same thing just because it’s considered ‘sexy’. If only RakhiSawant and the ilk were listening to this.

That said – she isn’t completely off item songs like the yellow page hacks have been screaming. “I think they are just being imaginative. I never said that. I love my song and dance. It gives me too much joy to let go like that.” But the one thing that she does miss is taking a break. “Maybe I’ll take off a week after EkTha Tiger releases. God knows where I’ll go though. It’s going to be very last minute like always,” she tells us.

And that’s the thing about Katrina. At a time when cinema is besotted with the ` 100 crore club – she wants to take a week off after the release of one of the most anticipated movies of the year, because she wants to. Just like last year, she isn’t bitching about her contemporaries, complaining about the roles she is landing or insisting she wants to do arty “meaningful” cinema. She’s just happy being who she is. Some have called her ‘shameless’, and then there’s everyone else who are just happy to be in the same room as her. We are the latter. Fan boys. That’s the one thing that hasn’t changed from last year – she still makes us go weak in the knees and turns you into mouse happy clickers on the FHM India site.

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