What more do you Dzire?

Before going any further, let’s be very clear about the car we are talking about. This is not a sexy supercar or a butch SUV. It’s what I would like to call the humble workhorse that has over time become one of the favourite set of wheels for the Indian car buyer. The Maruti Suzuki Dzire has, since its initial launch, created its own little space in the minds of the Indian consumer and it’s a car that’s definitely here for the long haul. And now, with the new Dzire, Maruti Suzuki plans to further strengthen its hold in the entry level sedan segment. Let’s scratch it’s shiny surface and find the scoop within…



Oh yeah… It looks way different!

The Dzire of the past was good but it was very subtle. But this time Maruti Suzuki has decided to go bold and that too all the way. From its smashing grille to the overall cuts and snips all over its exterior, the new Dzire oozes spunk, confidence and poise. It stands out from its peers and is no longer the car that you can just walk by without giving a second look. The slight hint of curvature on the chrome framework on the perimeter of the grille adds another interesting element to the character of the car.

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