Eggilicious Affair

Eggilicious Affair

Boiled Eggs

1) Always start with cold water. Take enough water to submerge the eggs completely, plus add an inch more.

2) Add a tablespoon of salt to the cold water and give it a strong rolling boil for 3 minutes.

3) Remove from heat, cover and leave it in the water for 11-13 minutes. This allows the yolk to be the desirable yellow and not the overcooked yolk with a dark green/black ring.

4) Peel eggs under running water for best results.

Scrambled Eggs

1) The key to a GOOD scrambled egg is the whisking. The more you whisk, the more air you incorporate, hence making the eggs fluffy and fabulous!

2) Many people add butter and seasonings to the eggs and then whisk, but it’s recommended that you start with some soft butter and toned milk (blended together) and then add seasoning towards the end.

Poached Eggs 

Always add some white wine vinegar to the water in which you are poaching the eggs – this gives it better composition.

Sunny Side-up

1) For best results, stick  to a non-stick pan.

2) Break your eggs in a smaller bowl and then pour it in the preheated pan. This helps you get a better shape as compared to breaking eggs on a cold pan.

Akuri (Parsi Scrambled eggs)

1) Avoid using ginger garlic paste and instead use chopped ginger.

2) Try adding butter/ghee-fried raisins to the recipe. It does wonders!


1) To incorporate more air, whisk the eggs properly.

2) Whatever add-ons you want can go in once the eggs are in the pre-heated (important) frying pan. This keeps the omelette fluffy enough and gives it a uniform colour on the outside.

3) To prevent the inside from being raw, avoid cooking the omelette at high heat. Heat modulation is advised.

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