Healthy Meals On Your Palate

Healthy Meals On Your Palate


Nutrients per serving

Kilocalories: 52 Kcal

Protein: 10 g

Carbohydrates: 2 g

Fat, total: 0 g


Egg whites: 8

Poached and diced chicken breast (flaked salmon or other fish can be substituted): 3 tablespoons

Finely diced vegetables(such as baby corns, zucchini and carrots): 2 tablespoons Soy sauce: 1 teaspoon Semi-dried tomatoes, chopped: 1 tablespoon

Salad of mixed herb leaves tossed with a dash of the wellness oil blend, and a pinch of holistic salt for garnish


Preheat the oven to 250◦C. In a large bowl, whisk egg whites, then add the chicken breast, vegetables, soy sauce and semi-dried tomatoes and mix well. Pour the mixture into a heavy non-stick skillet and place it in the oven for 7 minutes, or until the egg has firmly set and is golden brown. To serve, garnish with herb salad.


Nutrients per serving

Kilocalories: 222 kcal

Protein: 15 g

Carbohydrate: 13 g

Fat, total: 11 g


Tahini: 2 teaspoons

Ginger and soy dressing: 2 and a ½ tablespoons

Softshell crabs: 4

Chopped almonds: 200 g

Cooked white crab meat: 120 g

Asparagus spears, peeled and blanched: 4

Baby carrots blanched: 4

Cucumber, deseeded: 4

Nori seaweed sheets: 4

Sprigs of dill: 4

Julienned green apple: for garnish

Sliced Radish: for garnish


To make the dressing, place tahini and ginger and soy dressing in a bowl and mix well, then set aside. To prepare the crab, preheat the oven to 120◦C. Coat the crab with chopped almonds and bake for 15 minutes or until cooked. Spread the nori sheets on a cutting board. Arrange the cooked white crab meat in a thin layer over the nori. Then arrange the soft shell crab, asparagus, cucumber and carrot down the centre of the sheet, roll and cut into slices. Serve with the dressing and garnish and dill green apple and radish.


Nutrients per serving

Kilocalories: 110 Kcal

Protein: 18 g

Carbohydrate: 8 g

Fat, total: 1 g


Barramundi fillets: 4 pieces, 80 g each

Ceylon spinach: for garnish

For Saffron broth

Saffron: a pinch

Vegetable stock: 500 ml

Vegetable Onion, finely chopped: ¼

Carrot, finely chopped: 1/3

Celery Stalk, finely chopped: 1 T

Tomato deseeded and finely chopped: 1/2

For Celeriac Puree Celeriac, peeled and chopped: 100 g

Potato, peeled and chopped: ¼

Rice milk: 60 ml

Capsicum, diced and blanched: ½

Salt and pepper: a pinch

Freshly grated nutmeg: a pinch


To make the broth, place saffron and 125 ml of vegetable stock in a small bowl for 20 minutes. Place onions, carrots, celery, tomatoes and remaining vegetable stock in a saucepan over medium heat and bring to a simmer. Add saffron liquid and bring to boil, then reduce the heat and simmer for 1-2 hours. Season with salt and pepper, strain, then set aside. For the celeriac puree, steam the celeriac and potato for 15 minutes, or until tender. Place the celeriac, potato and rice milk in a food processor and blend until the mixture is smooth- adding more milk if needed to achieve the desired consistency. Add capsicum and season with salt, pepper and nutmeg, then set aside. To cook barramundi with salt and pepper, then fry it in a non-stick frying pan over medium-high heat for approximately 3 minutes on each side (longer if the fillets are thick), or until they are cooked. To serve, spoon celeriac puree onto a serving plate, top with the fish then pour over the broth. Garnish with Ceylon spinach.

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