How To Cook: Pan Fried Chicken

How To Cook: Pan Fried Chicken

Pan Fried Chicken Breast with Mushroom and Carrots 

There’s nothing more manly than chicken and potatoes right? So, here’s the ultimate dinner table rocker that’s as manly as a beard.

Step 01
Drizzle the chicken with olive oil, season well. Add the thyme and massage the flavours into the chicken nicely.

Step 02
Heat a tsp of olive oil in a frying pan, add the carrots and mushrooms and fry on high heat, season well and add a little butter to colour and flavour. Squeeze in a little lime, turn down the heat and cook till the mushrooms are cooked through and the carrots are well glazed. Keep aside.

Step 03
Heat a little more olive oil in a heavy pan, dust the chicken breasts with flour, shaking off the excess. Sear the chicken on both sides until golden and caramelized evenly, add butter to the pan to colour the chicken beautifully, turn down the heat, and cook till done to perfection and the juices run clear.

Step 04
Remove the chicken to a platter and leave to rest for a few minutes. Add a little more butter to the pan, add the garlic and dry red chilly and fry till golden. Squeeze in the lime and deglaze well.

Step 05
Place the carrots and mushrooms on the base of a plate, then top with the chicken breast, pour over the hot garlicky chilly butter, and finish with the caramelised onions. Serve with a crisp white wine and a simple green salad.

Pair it With

You could serve the dish with Rice Pilaf which goes well with chicken breasts and makes it more appetising. A glass of chilled beer along with this will surely complete this delectable dish.

This is the perfect way to cook chicken breasts. Trust us, it's completely worth the wait. 

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