A Modern Man’s Guide To Cheese

A Modern Man’s Guide To Cheese

Brie [bree]
Soft cheese with an off-white hard rind, usually produced in the shape of a flat disc. This kind of cheese is usually of the cream colour and made from cow-milk. Brie tastes wonderful when baked with strawberries and crackers. It has a slightly sweet and pungent flavour. Goes best with red wine.

Edam [ee-duhm, ee-dam]
A semi-hard cheese with a red wax coating is usually produced in the shape of a ball. Edam is typically yellow and can be made out of cow or goat’s milk, depending on the origin of production. Edam is a fantastic cheese on a cheese platter and to be sliced into a sandwich as it holds together very well. Has a very mild, neutral taste. Goes best with beer.

Chevre [shev-ruh]
An extremely soft crumbly cheese wrapped in plastic that has some moisture as well. Traditionally, chevre is available in white colour. It’s made from goat milk. Chevre is a salty, earthy and tart cheese and can easily be spread on tarts or mixed with a salad. Goes well with red wine.

EMMANTAL [em-uhn-tahl]
Made from the milk of cows that are led up to the Alps to graze, over multiple seasons, Emmantal can be easily recognised with the laden bubbles in the cheese. This cheese has a certain sweetness with a piquancy that hits the back of the tongue on the finish. Comes in 200 gms block or larger blocks; From Switzerland.

GOUDA [gou-duh]
A semi-hard to hard cow-milk cheese, typically from Holland. Only variants that are aged for close to six months or more, live up to the name. Flavours usually vary from wildly mild to deep flavour, owing to the ageing period. You can easily spot a Gouda owing to its pale yellow colour.

Comes in small wedges or small wheels; From Holland, but some expats are making it in Kashmir now.

TALEGGIO [tahl-EH-zhee-oh]

One of the oldest soft cheese known to mankind, Taleggio has a soft thin rind that is edible, and dons pungent flavours and even more pungent surface smells.

Comes in blocks of 2 kgs or more: From Italy.

MOZZARELLA [mot-suh-rel-luh]

Mozzarella is a fresh, pulled-curd cheese made from the milk of water buffalo. Mozzarella is prized for its soft texture and mild creamy flavour.

It is usually rolled into a ball of 80 to 100 grams; From Italy.

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