Savour the Flavour

Savour the Flavour

Delhi is not only the national capital but also the centre for insatiable street food thriving in its every nook and corner. With monsoon comes the dark clouds making us gloomy. But don’t let that affect your tastebuds as we have curated the list of best street food to indulge this rainy season. Nothing can beat the feeling of sitting near the window panel and gazing at the rain pouring down. But this ideal scenario would be incomplete without a plate full of deep-fried delights to munch on. 

Khandani Pakoda Wala

The first in our list is Ram ladoos. Don’t get it wrong because these are not what you are visualising but crispy and stuffed pakoras which takes the shape of ladoo. They are filled with potato or dal that is sufficient to make you crave for them. Visit Khandani Pakoda Wala located in Malviya Nagar to get the best experience of this dish. Offered with a myriad of chutney, this tempting cuisine is sure to take you on the appetizing journey.

Address: Shop 14, 15, Central Market, Malviya Nagar.

Pocket Pinch: ₹ 35/ Plate.

Chache di Hatti

North Indian cuisine is incomplete without Chole Bhature. The dish which acquired every famous food stopovers in Delhi is a must-have. You don’t have to embark into tiresome search trails to get the best authentic flavours of this cuisine as this place in our list is an ideal spot to indulge in fluffy bhature and mouth-watering chole. As small as 4 feet 10 inches, Chache Di Hatti has been serving the best version of this street food from more than two decades. Avoid the peak lunch hours as you may have to wait in long queues for your turn.

Address: Kamla Nagar, Bungalow Road 

Pocket Pinch: ₹ 35/ Plate.

Paranthe Wali Gali

Situated deep in the infinite maze of Chandani Chowk, the next place in our itinerary is the infamous Paranthe Wali Gali. Your visit to Delhi would be incomplete if you do not comes with assorted flavours to this historical place which offers a plethora of variety in the stuffing. Unlike the normal Parantha, these are deep-fried and comes with a myriad of chutneys. The food spot attracts a massive crowd of tourists throughout the year.  

Address: Chandani Chowk, Old Delhi

Pocket Pinch: ₹ 30-70/ Plate.

Prince Pan

There is an inbuilt notion about the street food being unhygienic and a hub of germs and diseases. The next in our checklist is sure to break this stereotype. Obsessed with cleanliness, Prince Paan situated in Greater Kailash offers a multitude of flavoured paans; Butterscotch and Nimbu masala paan being the most preferred ones. Not only this, but the place also serves delectable golgappas immersed in masala mineral water to bless your tastebuds in a healthy note.

Location: M-29, Greater Kailash (GK) 1

Pocket Pinch: ₹250/plate

Majnu ka Tilla

Momos have found their way into becoming the staple street food item of Delhi. Every lane flaunts this steamy dish with a variety of add-ons including Red chilli chutney, mayonnaise and Oregano powder. To revive the authentic flavours of momo hang out in Majnu ka Tila, a small colony in Delhi inhabiting Tibetan refugees. The place has an array of restaurant and cafes offering a diverse variety of fillings to satisfy your craving.   

Location: Majnu ka Tila, New Aruna Nagar

Pocket Pinch: ₹70-80/plate


Story By: Anshika Seth, an Intern at FHM India Magazine 

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