Summer Snacking

Summer Snacking

The Icecream Van 

Nothing brings back the taste of childhood summers like a melty-soft 99 Flake. Sadly, the fluffy ice cream is loaded with all the wrong kinds of fats. Your body needs essential fatty acids like omega-3 – oily fish and nuts are a great source – but a 99 contains saturated fats, which go straight to your man handles. It also contains a plethora of thickeners, emulsifiers and other artificial nasties. You’re far better off asking the man in the van for a water-based lolly like a Calippo. It contains far fewer calories, no fat to speak of, and you get to enjoy squeezing it out of the tube as an added bonus. If you can’t say no to the 99, at least steer clear of the flake and super-sugary sauce.

The Beer Garden

You might think sipping on a small glass of rum and Coke is a light, summery option, but the truth is, spirits are crazy calorific with 100 calories in a single shot. Worst of all, they’re entirely ‘empty’ calories – zero nutritional value whatsoever. Coupled with the super-sugary mixer, spirits are a waistline hangover waiting to happen. You can, however, take defensive measures to get the same delicious booziness, without the pointless sugar. Use sparkling water or soda as a mixer – it’ll help your liver stay hydrated and will break down the toxins from the alcohol much more efficiently. Finally, squeeze in a ton of fresh lime for a tasty citrus hit and lots of hangover-preventing antioxidants and vitamin C.

The Picnic Six-Pack Slayer

Dunking your crisps into a cheese dip is delicious, but the processed, artificial cheesiness contains an artery-clogging mix of saturated and monounsaturated fats. And while the crisps may have been potatoes once upon a time, the heat-treated slivers of crunch you’re putting in your mouth are potato wafers of blood-pressure-raising saltiness. This is a killer combination, and not in a good way. Instead, slide some raw, freshly cut cucumber or red pepper into a tub of humous. The chickpeas in the dip are a bona fide super food, loaded not only with protein and all sorts of essential fats, but with vitamins C and E, and some cancer-busting antioxidants to boot. Plus, the veg is good for both your waistline and your wallet.

The Barbeque Man Handle Massacre

If you cut a sausage in half and look at the profile, you can see that there isn’t a great deal of meat. Sausages tend to be bulked up with unhealthy grains, and the meat is typical of a much lower quality because the flavour just comes from herbs. Burgers, on the other hand, often contain a much higher percentage and quality of meat, without all the added unwanted extras that sausages have. To take your burger to the next healthy level, go for extra-lean meat and swap your supermarket-bought processed bun – which can trigger digestive issues – for a fresh, crunchy lettuce leaf. It does the same job as the hyper-processed bun but swaps the acidic, gut-unfriendly wheat for lots of natural vitamins and minerals.

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