Tabasco Chronicles

Tabasco Chronicles

Mc Ilhenny Co.

Perhaps, the most iconic pepper sauce brand available today. Its popularity is overridden by the saying ‘If it’s hot pepper sauce, it’s got to be Tabasco’. 

The brand is recognisable from its slender bottle. And is still modelled after the cologne style bottles used for its first batch in the year 1868.

Needless to say, it has a very balanced and mild taste, which is proven by the ever-growing usage of the brand’s pepper sauce.

Palo Alto Fire Fighters

The brand, in its almost two decades old history, has made quite a name in the hot pepper sauce league. And this hot pepper sauce actually sells like hot cakes.

A very different bottle from the lot. It reminds us of a miniature Jim Beam bottle, which we definitely fancy.

This one’s called Firefighter for a reason and is by far the hottest hot pepper sauce. Plus, it’s damn addictive.

Dabur Capsico 

This new brand is by Dabur India and it’s nothing but a cheap imitation of original Tabasco.

When we say cheap iteration, we mean it. The bottle and branding are almost identical to that of Tabasco, isn’t it?

If you are looking for a HOT pepper sauce, then this is definitely NOT worth trying. The taste seems tangy at first but easily fades away in a hurry.

Sainsbury is the second largest supermarket chain in the United Kingdom manufacturing a line of in-house brands. While the supermarket doesn’t operate in India, the sauce is available. 

With quite minimalist labelling and a graphic of chillies on the front, this bottle to references Tabasco. The only visible difference is the long neck of the cologne-styled bottle.

On tasting it you feel quite a sharp hit of vinegar and then a combination of citrusy lemon and garlic tones, earning it a classification of a medium hot pepper sauce. 

American Garden 
A fairly new brand to hit the exhaustive pepper sauce market. The brand is well known for its food and grocery products.

This one has a body similar to that of Tabasco, but with a longer neck. The branding looks awful with a mix of green duck-tape type bottle cover and red logo branding.

Despite being served in an ugly looking bottle, this sauce has a tangy taste. And coupled with bits of Tabasco peppers, it should definitely find a place in your kitchen.

Though only four decades old, the brand got its share of the limelight only after Frito Lay released a line of Tapatio flavoured Doritos, Ruffles and Fritos.

With a strikingly similar bottle texture to Tabasco, hot sauce patrons can easily be fooled by looking at this one if they don’t focus on the branding.

Try this for an explosive burst of flavours. It is sweet, tangy and a little spicy — all at the same time — making it a perfectly addictive combination.


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