Kanye West- The best husband!

A girl always craves for a moment where she wants to feel like ‘wow he is the one I’m looking for as a husband’. And that is the only time when she feels that wedding is something which is not mandatory to do but it is the most beautiful thing to do. And celeb hubby Kanye West is constantly giving that moment to wife Kim since the first day of their wedding.


FHM India has compiled a wonderful guide straight from the celeb husband Kanye West for you. Here’s the guide that falls her world at one place and fills the missing space of her life.



#1 Kanye wrote a poem for his wife Kim which he later turn into a song and dedicated it to her in his concert. Now, it does not mean that you also have to write a poem or a song for your wife but you can dedicate any romantic song to your wife to make her blush. And surely she will appreciate and remember it till the last breath of her life.


#2 Kanye always has expressed his feelings for wife Kim in front of the whole world.


#3 Kanye made a wall of flowers in his garden on the mother’s day to surprise Kim. Now this is called incredible thoughtfulness. Every husband should do something special for his kids’ mother.


#4 Kanye and Kim spend quality time not only with each other but also with their kids to make them feel secure and happy.


#5 Kanye makes sure that his lady and kids are safe and happy, which seems to be a very small thing yet it is the most adorable and important thing for every husband.


This is such a lovely and wonderful relationship that Kanye and Kim are sharing.


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