Forget yoga, indulge in some good sex

For most of us, the sound of the alarm clock blaring in our ears in the morning is certainly not a joyful jingle.


I detest my life every morning when my alarm goes off like there is no tomorrow. I always say that I will go to sleep earlier so I can feel spanking new and jolly the next morning. And that never happened. I know we all hate waking up in the morning. Period!


But instead of hitting that snooze button and dipping back into worthless catnap; why not make use of that uncouth stirring to smarten up your sex life. Start your day with some dazzling love-making. After all, morning sex is not only good for your love life, it is also beneficial health-wise.



Must be curious to know the best time for sex? Apparently, you need to docket it in for 7:30am, about 45 minutes after you wake up. That’s when energy levels are at their highest, after a good night’s rest.


A new research has shown the ideal time of day to have sex, and the constructive health benefits it brings. Forza Supplements, which supervised the body clocks of 1,000 people who lead vigorous and lively lives, found that the best time of day to have sex is 7:30am. Ta-da!


First thing in the morning, people’s energy levels are at peak and their strength is superior. As well as this, the endorphins released during sex will make for a more affirmative day. 


Forza Supplements Managing Director Lee Smith said: “What we set out to do was to find out the absolute optimum times to work, rest and play. While no two people are the same, these were found to be the very best times for the average person to do the key activities which make for a healthy and happy life. Making small adjustments to your routine can really help you to lose weight, get fitter, and be more effective at work and even a better lover."


The study also found that the perfect time of day to wake up is 6:45am, 7:00am is the best time to go for a run, 6:00pm is the best time for dinner and 6:10pm is the best time to have an alcoholic drink. 


FHM Tip: Don't forget to brush your teeth the night before. In addition, think about keeping some dissolvable mints (not chewing gum) at your bedside, when you wake up. Bad breath can trash any sexual experience.

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