After 2555 days of romantic bliss

Is the seven-year itch a real thing? If so, are you destined to bang into it? And why does it happen in the seventh year? Find out here!


Marilyn Monroe. A flying white dress. A subway grate and a passing train. One of the most illustrious images of all time, which you are definitely now picturing in your mind, was actually the outcome of a movie starring Monroe and Tom Ewell called “The Seven Year Itch.” Now, what was the idea behind the movie? It was that men are obsessed to have affairs around their seventh year of marriage.


I was lately chatting to a colleague who revealed to me that she and her significant other were getting divorced after 8 years of marriage.


Although I was a bit flabbergasted, I didn’t really know the couple very well, but what affected me was that it wasn’t fuelled by the normal things, disloyalty, a new baby, or financial problems, it was as she put it, because he isn’t the man I fell in love with, he doesn’t pick up his clothes off the bedroom floor, and we never go out any longer. He just wants to sit home and watch TV, and I don’t.


They say, love is blind, and I see eye to eye. Seeing is believing, they say, and I’m a firm believer of it as well. Now they say that the seventh year of marriage is one of the most complicated. But why???“She didn’t make me breakfast this morning.”


“He is so egotistic and decisively used all of the coffee creamers just so I wouldn’t have any coffee.” Arrggghhhhhh...



How to survive the seven-year itch


Stay true


Confess when you’re erroneous. Shut up when you’re right. Just think about how many arguments you could put off just by religiously following this rule. At times it’s not about fighting just to be right. Remember that your relationship is more significant than coming out on top, so take some influence from your loved one, understand their feelings, and be able to make an apology and excuse, even if it takes everything out of you to do so. If you practice this, your partner will follow suit (guaranteed!).


The Honeymoon period

So precisely, how long is that heavenly, early stage of marriage expected to last? We all know the honeymoon phase can’t last eternally, but none of us want to indolently sit by wondering if our marriage will succumb to a movie-like Monroe invasion. You have to increase intimacy with your partner. It takes trust, devotion, and creativity to get those juices flowing again and can be a buoyant path for regenerated enthusiasm.


Small gestures


My Winnie the Pooh said it rightly; “It’s often the smallest things that take up the most room in our heart.” Pooh knew where he was going with this. Doing small things to perk up your relationship goes much further. Be polite and gentle, fight fairly, speak compassionately, be unselfish of your time and needs, give liberally and do things that show how much you appreciate your partner.


Pay attention


When your relationship blows, your ability to respond to your partner’s needs and requirements tend to be ignored. You more frequently take out and turn away from your bid for connection than look towards them and answer their call. Watch out for those slight cues from your loved one that’s indicating a call for intimacy.


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