Badass boys & their tough toys!

Tractors, trucks, trains and toys. There’s nothing like badass boys. The girth of devices (pun definitely intended) being mentioned in this space is absolutely mind boggling. Continue reading...


Let’s face it, the thought of explicitly talking about sex makes even the most pro badasses among us go red and wriggle with discomfiture. Convos around such subjects generally devolve into giggles or lewd wit; and if not either of those, there’s complete silence.

But now is the time to release your wild side. Many scientific studies have described sex and orgasms to be good for the male body. Not only do orgasms reduce body pain, but they also meliorate cardiovascular health and reduce the likelihood of men developing prostate cancer. Orgasms are also recognised to reduce stress, burn calories, boost immune systems, and of course, foster intimacy. This being so, it is safe to think that sex toys can also be good for the body.


Tenga Cups are some of the most admired masturbation toys in India and worldwide. Made in a variety of textures, shapes and sizes, these cups are a distinct way to get your jollies in a simple hand held package. These inventive cups are planned in such a way to bring you a range of astounding pleasure. They are typically one time use, but when you use them with (thin) condoms, they can last a very long time.

This is also conceived to be a great sex toy for men. It’s a vibrating sleeve that is fitted with dual motors to stimulate both the glans and the frenulum. It also offers a wide selection of pulsations and vibrations, which permits you to get off without having to stroke or thrust. It may not cover the whole penis, but the orgasm offered by this product is totally to die for.


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