Have an under-the-sheets, behind closed doors, sex dilemma you don’t know who to
ask? Our in house
sex guru, Dr Mojo is back to clear your doubts... the FHM way!


My wife and I are spicing things up in the bedroom and I want to get some toys to heat things up. Any suggestions on what we should get?

Sanjay Suri, Delhi


Sanjay, you didn’t specify whether you want ones for both of you or just her. In any case, let me give you options. I would suggest you get a dildo for her. Not those crazy oversized ones. One that is normal sized and one which has a vibration function. For you, I would suggest getting a Fleshlight. To spice things up for both of you, and
now can use the toys on each other.



I know my boyfriend has had previous relationships, but when I asked exactly how many girls he has been with and what all he did, he refused to answer. He just said that he has enjoyed most with me. It’s still bugging me. I think he is lying.
Nethra, Kochi



Girl, you need to calm down. So what if he has had previous relationships and enjoyed
himself when he was with other people? He is with you now. And if he telling you that he has enjoyed most with you, he either means it or he loves you enough not to hurt your feelings. If you feel he doesn’t mean it, maybe you need to improve your moves to make him mean those words.


Dr. Mojo, I am very troubled. My girlfriend insists on having protected sex but I lose my erection when I put on a condom. I don’t understand why?
Ankit Vernekar, Mumbai

Have you thought about changing brands? Maybe you have grown in size and yes, that is a thing. We don’t pay as much attention to our nether regions, as much as we should. Most probably, your current condoms is cutting blood circulation down there. Change brands, try different ones and find your perfect fit.


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